Creating opportunities for Lancaster students

£500,000 in scholarships, bursaries and awards have been raised from our supporters since 2001.

If you studied at Lancaster, you had the opportunity of a fantastic experience at one of the top universities in the world. No doubt all sorts of opportunities have opened up to you as a direct result of your university education.

But it’s not the same for everyone. That’s why we’re determined to make this outstanding opportunity accessible to a wider range of talented people who would otherwise find it impossible either to come to Lancaster University or to continue studying with us.

You understand the value of your university education and what it has done for you, both personally and professionally. Will you support other students who would desperately like to have the same opportunities? 

Creating opportunities for all our students

The cost of being a student today continues to rise. Higher costs can be crippling, which is why scholarships and bursaries are needed and appreciated more than ever. Your donation could:

  • help us to encourage more high-school students from less privileged backgrounds to go to university
  • fund an overseas field-trip or the purchase of essential equipment
  • enable students to remain at Lancaster when sudden financial hardship strikes and they might otherwise have to abandon their studies
  • fund young researchers and postgraduates
  • pay for Students’ Union events and societies
  • offer life-changing educational opportunities for students from developing countries

Find out how our students have benefitted from your support:

Michelle McShane

Michelle first came to Lancaster as a Passport for Higher Education student and worked as student ambassador alongside her studies. After gaining a 2:1 in Law, Michelle chose to stay on to read Social Work for her postgraduate study.  

"I faced a huge challenge in my life in this academic year when my unborn baby was given a life threatening diagnosis and I was advised to end my pregnancy. This was at the beginning of the academic year and it heavily impacted on my attendance. When I did attend I found it very difficult to concentrate on what was being said in lectures and group work. My friends shared their notes with me and I continued with my essays and exam preparation.

My course involves completing 200 days of placement, 120 of which are this year. My baby’s due date would have been in March so my course kindly delayed my placement until after that day. Unfortunately my original placement fell through before it started due to budget cuts in the team I was due to join and this set back my placement to start in mid-June. My funding would’ve been stretched starting in January/February if I had started placement at the same time as everyone else, so to start so late was really threatening the chances of me realistically being able to reach my goal. This award will make that goal possible again. It will cover travel costs and my living expenses for the unexpected additional months I will be a student. 

Lancaster University has given me opportunities that I thought I might not get to have. A chance was taken on me when I had already been turned down and recognised my determination to succeed.  I have been taught ways of channelling my skills and knowledge into practical ways to support other people facing challenges in their lives. It has equipped me with the ability to make a difference to an even bigger number of people’s lives, which is truly a great gift and something that I know has filled my life with purpose, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Besides being a mum, I hope to work with children or disadvantaged children who are struggling with their education for whatever reason. I want to help other young people to find direction in life, pursue their goals and achieve as highly as they can. It would be fantastic to be able to be as encouraging and supportive to other young people as the University has been to me. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I hope Lancaster University will be proud of me and never regret taking that chance on me."

Rahaf Aldoughli

Rahaf Aldoughli, an English Literary Studies MA student, was being sponsored by the University of Aleppo in Syria. However, as a result of the political crisis she had not received any living expense money. Increasing difficulties in Syria meant that family back home were unable to financially support Rahaf, whose brother and father were arrested. Rahaf and her husband and child were granted asylum in the UK. Lancaster University waived the outstanding tuition fees and the Friends Programme grant provided living costs to the Rahaf and her family.

“My dream was on the verge of vanishing if this award was not given to me. It has offered me a chance to get out of the hardship that my family and my country are going through. Thank you.”

Rahaf is now studying for a PhD in Politics at Lancaster and has ambitions to become a writer and lecturer in the future.

Joyce Chigya

A grant of £2,000 was made in 2011 to support a Zimbabwean distance-learning student to pay the remainder of her tuition fees when she faced financial dire straits in the face of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse. 

“As a Zimbabwean student, I first came into contact with Lancaster University back in the year 2004 when I was selected for an online writing course, Crossing Borders. The course was a British Council and Lancaster University initiative, with Zimbabwean and Ugandan poets exchanging their work.  In 2009, Lancaster University offered me the opportunity to study for an MA in the department of English and Creative Writing.  At that point, as a school teacher in Zimbabwe, I could not raise the required fees.  My salary was almost zero as Zimbabwe's currency was being eroded by record-breaking inflation. I thought I was going to regret the missed chance for the rest of my life.

When the University announced that there was a scholarship to be awarded to a student in difficult circumstances, my hopes were raised. I needed only to apply. Imagine my joy on learning that I had made it into the top two.  I have been on the course for almost two years now. It is a good thing it is coming to an end but I am going to miss it. It has made my life so much more purposeful. The online tutorials and conferences have been so informative it is hard to imagine better learning channels.  

I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the University and all those who donate to it, for making my scholarship possible and my dream a reality.”

Steven Mack

Steven is a mature student and a single father who is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

"Lancaster University has a first class reputation offering a level of professionalism that I cannot praise highly enough. I am studying Psychology, an area that I have a long standing interest in. I have found the course to be both stimulating and interesting with an excellent standard of teaching. A mistake was made in my funding and the Alumni Hardship Bursary has agreed to award payment to cover my fees for the previous year's study. As a mature student and single father, the help I have received from the Alumni has made a tremendous difference. 

Studying Psychology has made me question many things that previously would have been taken for granted. My first year at Lancaster has been inspiring challenging and most importantly, enjoyable on many levels.

I plan to finish my degree and if possible continue to masters level." 

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