‘Remote Sensing Sonification: Jupiter Aurora’

Nicoa Rae

‘The human sense of hearing is very sharp. The auditory system is the best pattern-recognition device that we know of ‘ - Bruce Walker

For this showcase, artist, Nicola Rae processed remotely sensed auroral data from Jupiter through sonification software, Sonic Photo, allowing digital images to be converted into sound. This sonic data has then been re-analysed back into a visualisation, using Overtone Analyzer software, showing some intentional partial glitching through slowing down the sound. Nicola Rae revolved these sound visualizations of auroral research data, accessed from Lancaster University’s Dr Sarah Badman and Université de Liège’s Professor Denis Grodent, through large acrylic tubes recalling Echelle spectrograph structures. They are back projected onto two 140 x 140 cm acrylic screens coated with holographic rear projection film.

Research data accessed using the Hubble Space Telescope mostly during Juno orbits by:
Dr Sarah Badman, STFC Ernest Rutherford Research Fellow, Astrophysics, Lancaster University
Professor Denis Grodent, Laboratoire de Physique Atmosphérique et Planétaire, Université de Liège