Winter and summer graduation update

The Graduation team announces the University’s decision to postpone Summer ceremonies in 2021 and explains new arrangements that are being put in place.

Summer Graduation ceremonies this July have unfortunately been postponed.

The decision was made due to a significant number of unknowns and risks around holding large events this summer and was also directly informed by the results of a recent survey sent to graduating students.

While we want to celebrate graduation in person with our students and recent graduates as soon as possible, and we welcome the Government’s roadmap to reopening, there is still considerable risk in planning to run summer graduation ceremonies in 2021. We wanted to make a decision now to provide clarity to those affected students, and more detailed information has been sent to students directly affected, so please check your email.

Arrangements for Winter 2021

Planning for the winter graduation for postgraduate students in December 2021 is ongoing, and we hope to welcome back postgraduates who had their 2020 ceremony postponed as well as those graduating in 2021, subject to it being safe and practicable to hold large events.

Extended summer session in 2022

We have tentatively scheduled graduations for an extended summer session in July 2022 which will include undergraduates from the Class of 2020 and 2021, as well as 2022. To be clear, subject to confirmation of degree results, students will still graduate this summer. It is just the ceremonies that are delayed.

Additional opportunities to attend graduation

We also plan to increase capacity at graduation ceremonies for up to five years, so anyone not able to return to the next ceremony session will have additional opportunities to return to Lancaster for a future graduation ceremony when it suits them and their guests. We are committed to providing all students the opportunity to attend a traditional graduation ceremony at Lancaster.

Summer celebration in 2021

This July we still want to celebrate the achievements of graduating students, and we will plan a virtual celebration for the undergraduate Class of 2021 and recently conferred PhDs at the end of July. The Graduation team will work with colleges and faculties to mark our students’ achievements, while saving many of the traditional graduation activities for postponed ceremonies.

We have updated our Frequently Asked Questions below which can answer many graduation queries.

In the meantime, we share our students’ disappointment in not being able to hold graduation ceremonies this summer but look forward to welcoming them back to Lancaster for the graduation they so rightly deserve.


  • When will I receive my certificate?

    Certificates are being coordinated by the Student Registry and are being sent out when your degree results are confirmed.

    Undergraduates Class of 2021

    Certificates will be printed once degree results are confirmed which, for 2021 undergraduate students, is on the 21st July, and should be posted out within 40 days. Degree certificates will be posted to your home address, as listed in your student profile in LUSI. If you would like to update your address please follow these instructions to update your student record (via the student portal). If your home address is overseas, in the summer the Student Registry will be in touch to ask if you would like to upgrade your certificate delivery.

    Please contact the Student Registry with any queries regarding your certificate.

    Graduated students

    If you have already graduated and not received your certificate, please get in touch with the Student Registry.

  • When will I officially have graduated?

    While the graduation ceremony is postponed, you will still have graduated once you receive your confirmed degree results.

    The graduation ceremonies are the ceremonial presentation of your degrees, and their delay has not affected your graduation date.

    For the Undergraduate Class of 2021, if you are asked, your "Graduation date" can be listed as 21st July, as this is the date your degree will be confirmed by the University.

  • How will you contact me about my graduation?

    We will contact students by email, and you will be asked to respond via an online form to your invitation. We will use the personal email details provided in your student record. Current students can update your contact details on your student record (via the student portal) While you may still be able to access your student email and student portal, we strongly recommend that you have a personal email address on file to ensure you receive the updates, as your Lancaster account may expire after you have completed your studies.

    We will also update information on this website and will confirm when we have emailed eligible students any update.

    If you are expecting to attend an upcoming graduation ceremony and have not received emails after this page confirms that eligible students have been contacted, please email to check your eligibility and contact details. Please include your student ID in your email to speed up any communication.

    You may want to add our email address to your safe senders.

    The most recent dates that students were emailed with a graduation update was:

    15 March 2021 - emails were sent to all students whose graduation was postponed in 2020, and students due to attend the summer ceremonies in 2021

    February 2021 - emails were sent to all Undergraduates and Postgraduates due to attend 2020 ceremonies and summer 2021 with a survey about graduation.

  • Will there be any celebration for the undergraduate Class of 2021 this year?

    Lancaster University will be organising a celebration of the achievements of the undergraduate Class of 2021 on 30th July. More information is on the new Class of 2021 website.

    Colleges will also have informal events to celebrate with their final year students, contact your college manager for more information.

  • What graduation session will I be invited to?

    When we are able to run graduation ceremonies again, we will have separate sessions for undergraduates and postgraduates.

    The next winter graduation session for postgraduates is provisionally scheduled for 15-17 December 2021.

    The next summer graduation session for undergraduates is provisionally scheduled for 18-29 July 2022.

    PhD candidates, depending on when degrees are confirmed, are invited to the next ceremony session, either in summer or winter. For further details about eligibility dates see When will I graduate?

    The exact schedule of ceremonies within these date ranges will not be confirmed until closer to the graduation date. Please note we are not yet in a position to confirm when specific class years will graduate next July.

    We will only run ceremonies if it is safe and practicable to do so.

    All students have the option to defer their graduation ceremony to a later year should they want, for any reason.

  • What if I can’t attend my postponed ceremony?

    All students that have had their graduation ceremony postponed due to Covid-19 can attend a graduation ceremony in the next five years. When graduation registration opens for your ceremony, you can state that you wish to defer your attendance to a future ceremony session. If at any point before the ceremony you need to cancel your attendance, you can again request to attend a future ceremony.

  • What if you can’t run graduation ceremonies in December 2021/July 2022?

    Should the situation remain that it’s not safe or practicable to hold graduation ceremonies, Lancaster University will still invite students back to the next ceremony session their degree type is being presented at, and we will continue to offer additional capacity for up to five years. We are committed to providing an opportunity for all Lancaster students to attend a graduation ceremony.

  • Are there limits to the number of students that can come back for postponed graduation ceremonies?

    When planning the future number of ceremonies, we have used the interest level provide in our survey's of eligible students, so we hope to have space for everyone who wants to attend, but some ceremonies may reach capacity. Should this happen students would be offered the choice to join a waiting list for their ceremony, attend a different ceremony that year, or defer to a future year. We advise students to register early for their ceremony to ensure they receive a place.

  • Can I switch ceremonies?

    While you can ask to graduate in a later year, unfortunately, we aren’t able to switch students to a ceremony of their choice within your graduation session. Should your scheduled ceremony become oversubscribed, you will be offered a place at another ceremony that has capacity or be added to a waiting list for your ceremony. You also have the option to defer your ceremony to the next year.

  • My degree result was/will be delayed, can I still graduate with my original class year?

    If your degree result was delayed in 2020 or may be delayed in 2021 (such as due to re-sits), subject to your degree being confirmed, you can request to have your graduation session changed back to your original class year. Please get in touch with the graduation team for more details.

  • I’m due to graduate in 2022, how will these extra ceremonies affect me?

    The short answer is that they shouldn’t affect your ceremonies. We will still have the same number of graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2022, and the Class of 2020 and 2021 cohorts will have their own dedicated ceremonies.

  • How do I sign up for the Alumni Network?

    Please visit to sign up for the alumni network. Look out for forthcoming communications from your Alumni team.

  • I am an international student and my Visa may not still be valid for the rescheduled ceremonies, what should I do?

    When the exact date of your graduation ceremony is confirmed, you can then apply for a standard visitor visa to re-enter the UK to attend your graduation. Lancaster University can supply a letter of support confirming that you are attending a Lancaster University Graduation Ceremony. Please note that we cannot provide letters of support for guests, but we provide a template for students to draft their own letter to support their visitor visa application.

    More information is available at the Visa and immigration website.

  • Can I arrange a graduation photography session this summer?

    Lancaster University Graduation Photography team, run by the Creative Studio will again be offering graduation photography in its campus photo studio, offering graduating students and alumni a professional graduation photography session in advance of graduation ceremonies. These sessions can be offered once the national Covid restrictions and university guidance allows us to do so.

    In the meantime if you would like to register your interest in having your graduation photograph taken at our campus studio please email us at so that we contact you as soon the service is available

    Further information about graduation photography is available at the Lancaster University Graduation Photography website.

  • Can I hire/purchase my graduation gown in July 2021

    While you won’t need to have an official graduation gown for the celebrations in July 2021, some students may want to hire or purchase their gown for their own celebrations/photographs this summer. Graduation Attire, our official gown supplier is happy to provide this and can offer worldwide shipping.

    To purchase or hire a gown, please visit Graduation Attire's Gown purchase/hire site

    Gown hire costs £39.60 for Bachelor/Masters gowns, and £45 for PhD/Doctoral gowns. UK shipping and handling is an additional £8, and you will also need to return the item with the pre-paid postage label included in your delivery. A £45 refundable deposit will be added to your order, and this will be refunded once the gown is returned.

    If you are planning to hire a gown this summer, as well as attend a future graduation ceremony, you may want to purchase your gown. Graduation Attire are running a special offer for a significantly reduced gown purchase price for this summer only.

    Special offer prices are: £90 for Bachelors/Integrated Masters £95 for Masters, and £120for PhD/Doctoral gowns, plus shipping. International shipping is available to most worldwide locations.

    If you have any questions about at-home gown hire please contact Graduation Attire, or contact the Graduation team.

    Ceremony gown hire details will be confirmed in due course.

    I booked my Gown for the 2020 ceremony- what should I do?

    Don’t worry, your graduation gown booking will be transferred to the rescheduled ceremony date. Once your ceremony date is confirmed you’ll be able to re-confirm your new ceremony time and date or ask for a refund if you are not able to attend the new date.

    If you want to cancel your graduation gown booking now, please contact Graduation Attire directly

  • How do I update my email/home address on the student portal?

    Instructions on how to update your student portal record are detailed on this LUSI answers page.

    You can access your student portal by going to

  • My question isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

    The Graduation Team is available to help via email.