COVID-19 update for graduating students

Lancaster University has made the difficult decision to postpone all graduation ceremonies due to take place in December 2020.

We still intend to hold graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 (both undergraduate and postgraduate) when it is safe and practicable to do so. We are currently investigating when to hold these ceremonies and will be back in touch in early 2021 with an update about these ceremonies.

Planning for the July 2021 Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2021 is ongoing, subject to advice and guidance from Government and public health officials, and we will confirm further details in early 2021 to all eligible students.

We will only run graduation ceremonies if it is safe and practicable to do so and continue to keep all ceremony planning under review.

As a Lancaster student, you have worked so hard to achieve your degree and, whilst there is still so much uncertainty, what we can say for certain is that we will celebrate your achievements when the time is right and in the most safe and practical way.

If you have any questions not covered below, feel free to contact the Graduation Team via email.


  • When are we likely to hear about our rescheduled ceremonies?

    We plan to announce further details about rescheduled ceremonies in early 2021.  We will only hold ceremonies if it is safe and practicable to do so.   


    Please note we are not able to provide any advance information of tentative dates or a timetable of ceremonies. 


  • Have I officially graduated?

    While the graduation ceremonies have been delayed, if you have had your degree results confirmed, you have officially ‘graduated‘ in absentia. For those who opted to take exams later in the summer, once your results are confirmed by the Student Registry, you will then have graduated.   

    For postgraduate students, your degree result is due to be confirmed by exams boards in October, and once that is confirmed you will also have ‘graduated’. 

    The graduation ceremonies are the ceremonial presentation of your degrees, and this year their delay has not affected your graduation date. 


  • How will you let me know about further graduation information?

    We will email your Lancaster and personal email addresses that are listed in your student record, with further information in early 2021.  Please ensure your student record (via the student portal)  is up to date, including your personal email address.  While you may still be able to access your student email and student portal, we strongly recommend that you have a personal email address on file to ensure you receive the updates, as your Lancaster account may expire after you have completed your studies. 

    We will also update information on this website and will confirm when we have emailed eligible students any update. If you are expecting to graduate and do not receive update emails after this page confirms that eligible students have been contacted, please email to check your eligibility and contact details.   Please include your student ID in your email to speed up any communication. 


    The last date that students were emailed with a graduation update was:

    Sept 10, 2020 – this email was sent to all undergraduates eligible to attend the postponed July 2020 ceremonies, and postgraduates eligible to attend the December 2020 ceremonies.

  • Can I defer my graduation date?

    All deferrals from graduation sessions are currently suspended while the dates for rescheduled graduations are still being confirmed.  Once a timetable for these postponed ceremonies is confirmed, if you still want to request a deferral, please then get in touch by email at

  • When will I receive my certificate?

    Certificates are being coordinated by the Student Registry and are being sent out when your degree results are confirmed.


    The majority of certificates for Undergraduates of the Class of 2020 have been sent out to the ’home‘ address listed in your student record.  Students with an international home address were contacted with further options to have their certificate sent to them.  If you opted to take exams, your certificate will be sent out approximately 40 days after your degree result has been confirmed.

    Postgraduates taught courses

    Your degrees will not be confirmed until your departmental exam board meeting in October/November.  Once your results are confirmed your certificate will be posted to your home address.  Please note it may take up to 40 days after your results have been confirmed before you receive your certificate. 

    If you have not received your certificate, please first check what is the ‘home’ address you have listed in your student record in your student portal, as if you did not update this, your certificate may have been sent to an old address.  If you still cannot locate your certificate, contact the Student Registry, who will confirm when/where your certificate was posted to, and what options you have to order a replacement certificate. 

    For further information please contact Student Registry 

  • Undergraduate registration questions

    Do I have to login and cancel my graduation registration from July 2020?

    No – you don’t need to do anything at present, we will be in touch with any further instructions when we are ready to re-open graduation registration.

    As I have already registered for my ceremony, do I need to re-register when my new ceremony is confirmed?

    Yes – when a new date is confirmed, you will need to re-register your intention to attend. We’ll make sure we give you all the information you need when the time is right.

    I didn't register back in March, or I asked to defer or registered ‘No’, but I now want to attend a rescheduled ceremony, can I?

    Yes – When we confirm the ceremony schedule for the rescheduled ceremony dates, all eligible students regardless of any previous registration response will be informed and you will be given the chance to respond and ask if you want to attend the rescheduled ceremony.

    My UG degree wasn’t confirmed in July, or I’m taking re-sits, can I still attend Graduation with the Class of 2020?

    If your degree result is confirmed by Feb 2021 (which is after re-sit results are due), you will be able to remain with the graduating class of 2020 for your ceremony.  If there are any further delays, you will be invited to graduate with the Class of 2021.  Once your degree is awarded, if it is still significantly before the graduation ceremony, you can contact the Graduation Team to discuss if you can be moved back to the 2020 ceremonies.  This will be subject to space in the ceremonies.

  • I’m a postgraduate taught (PGT) student due to attend graduation in December 2020 and my degree results have been delayed. Can I still attend the postponed graduation with the Class of 2020?

    As we have postponed the postgraduate ceremonies, we will be extending the cut-off date for students whose final results have been delayed.  If your degree is confirmed by approximately Feb 2021 you should be eligible to attend the rescheduled postgraduate ceremonies.  Exact eligibility dates will be re-confirmed in early 2021 when further details about graduation ceremonies are communicated.   

  • I’m a postgraduate research (PGR) student about to complete my thesis what is the cut-off date to attend the postponed graduations?

    As the December ceremonies have been postponed, we are also extending the deadline for PGR candidates to have completed their degree to attend the rescheduled postgraduate ceremonie session. We plan to include as many PGR candidates as possible in the next ceremony session, therefore if you complete all the steps relating to your degree by the end of February 2021, you will be invited to attend the next ceremony session.  

    For details about what steps PGR candidates must complete to be eligible to attend graduation please visit the page When will I graduate. 

  • I’ve booked my Graduation gown already, what happens now?

    Don’t worry, your graduation gown booking will be transferred to the rescheduled ceremony date.  Once the dates are confirmed you’ll be able to re-confirm your new ceremony time and date or ask for a refund if you are not able to attend the new date. 

    Any student who booked their gown giving their email address will be contacted to update their email to their personal email.  

    If you want to cancel your graduation gown booking, please contact Graduation Attire directly

  • I haven't booked my Graduation Gown, what should I do?

    Our gowning supplier, Graduation Attire, will re-open gown bookings when we re-open registration for the ceremonies.  

  • Can I hire/buy my graduation gown/hat now?

     Graduation Attire is able to provide graduation gowns for hire or purchase to UK customers which can be posted to UK addresses.  Students based abroad can purchase a gown. 


    To purchase or hire a gown, please visit Graduation Attire's Gown purchase/hire site 


    Gown hire will cost £39.60 for Bachelor/Masters gowns, and £45 for PhD/Doctoral gowns. Shipping and handling is an additional £8, and you will also need to return the item (costs will depend on your choice of shipping provider).   A £45 refundable deposit will added to your order, and this will be refunded once the gown is returned. 


    Gown purchases will cost £150 for Bachelors, £162 for Masters, and £192 for PhD/Doctoral gowns, plus shipping. 


    If you have any questions about at home gown hire please contact Graduation Attire, or contact the Graduation team. 

  • Can I book a graduation photography session?

    Lancaster University Print and Photography Unit is available for students to book an individual photography session on campus in their photography.  Further details will be available shortly.  


    Anyone wanting to book a photography session should arrange their own robe hire through Graduation Attire. Please note that UK robe hire delivery can take up to 2 weeks so please plan accordingly when booking a photography session.   

  • I am an international student and my Visa may not still be valid for the rescheduled ceremonies, what should I do?

    When the exact date of your graduation ceremony is confirmed, you can then apply for a standard visitor visa to re-enter the UK to attend your graduation.  Lancaster University can supply a letter of support confirming that you are attending a Lancaster University Graduation Ceremony.  Please note that we cannot provide letters of support for guests, but we provide a template for students to draft their own letter to support their visitor visa application.

    More information is available at the Visa and immigration website.

  • How do I sign up for the Alumni Network?

    Please visit to sign up for the alumni network. Look out for forthcoming communications from your Alumni team.

  • How do I update my email/home address on the student portal?

    Instructions of how to update your student portal record are detailed on this LUSI answers page


    You can access your student portal by going to


  • My question isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

    The Graduation Team is available to help via email.