Guaranteed guest tickets

  • We guarantee two guest tickets to every graduating student who registers to attend their ceremony and requests their guest tickets by the deadline (mid April for summer ceremonies or end of October for winter ceremonies).
  • Each guest ticket is for a numbered seat in the Great Hall for a specific graduation ceremony.

Applications for extra tickets

  • In addition to booking their two guaranteed guest tickets, at the point of registration each graduating student is entitled to request up to two extra tickets.
  • When an application is made for extra tickets by a graduating student, the system automatically logs this and allocates the request to a waiting list.
  • If extra tickets become available in a specific ceremony, the Ceremonies Team will allocate these extra tickets strictly in the order specified by the waiting list.

Children and guest tickets

  • Children under six will be permitted entry to the Great Hall on an accompanying adult’s guest ticket and may sit on a knee.
  • Children aged six or over will require a standard guest ticket to gain entry to the Great Hall
  • If you are bringing children who may not be able to sit quietly, please be prepared to leave the auditorium if they become restless

What you should know

  • Students who are graduating and taking part in the ceremony do not need a guest ticket.
  • It is unlikely that you will receive additional tickets; the majority of graduating students receive two tickets for the Great Hall and extra guests watch the ceremony in the nearby live broadcast venue.
  • You should not make travel arrangements for guests on the basis of an application for extra tickets unless your guests will be happy to watch from the live broadcast venue.
  • We do not charge for guest tickets.

Live screenings

No tickets are required for the nearby live broadcast venue. This venue is staffed and fully accessible with degree day programmes available on request.

Advance notice of guest adjustments if required

We are committed to ensuring that the graduation ceremonies are as accessible as possible to our graduating students and their guests. To assist with this, where known in advance, we request that graduating students notify us of any specific adjustments that should be made for their guests in order that we can seat their guests appropriately.

Late arrival of guests

Guests must be seated in the Great Hall no later than half an hour before the ceremony start time. The Ceremonies Team reserves the right to reallocate a guest seat if it has not been taken up by this point.