Management School Ceremony 1 and University of Cumbria

Here are the suggested timings and further information for the first ceremony.

Your Graduation Ceremony

Ceremony 1

Ceremony Date

Wed 12 Dec 2018

Ceremony Title

Management School 1 and University of Cumbria

Programmes Graduating

LUMS:All MBA programmes; Leadership Centre; Management; Marketing; OWT

University of Cumbria: All disciplines

Arrival on Campus


Robe Collection

LICA Building - From 8am

Lining up Time


Guests seated in Great Hall


Ceremony Begins


Conferring Officer




Ceremony ends



LICA Building - Available all day

Faculty Celebration - LUMS

To celebrate your graduation Lancaster University Management School is hosting an informal reception for all those graduating from PGT and PGR courses in 2018. Come and join staff and students from across the faculty in the Management School Hub from 11:00 for ceremony one and from 13:00 for ceremony two. Faculty prizes will be awarded from 11:30 and 14:00. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Robe Return

LICA Building - By 7pm