Management School Ceremony 2 and University of Cumbria

Here are the suggested timings and further information for the second ceremony

Your Graduation Ceremony

Ceremony 2

Ceremony Date

Wed 11 Dec 2019, 12 noon

Ceremony Title

Management School 2


University of Cumbria

Programmes Graduating

LUMS: All MBA programmes; Entrepreneurship and Strategy; Lancaster Leadership Centre, Management; Management Learning and Leadership; Marketing; Organisation, Work and Technology

University of Cumbria: All awards

Arrival on Campus

by 10am

Robe Collection

LICA Building - open from 7:30am

arrive at LICA by 10am

We suggest you avoid LICA between 8am-9am, as it will be very busy with the 1st ceremony

Lining up Time


Guests seated in Great Hall


Ceremony Begins

12 noon

Conferring Officer




Ceremony ends

Approx 1pm


LICA Building - Available all day

Photography will be particularly busy from 10am-11am

Faculty Celebrations

LUMS - The Hub at the Management school from 1.00pm - booking required

Robe Return

LICA Building - By 7pm