Grizedale freshers at Lancaster University

Welcome Week 2019

Welcome Week – sometimes known as freshers' week – will take place on Monday 30th September to Sunday 6th October 2019. It will include a range of social and academic events designed to help ease you in to university life.

Arrivals weekend

If you plan to live on campus and your course begins in October, you are invited to move in on Arrivals Weekend. The Grizedale College move in day is Saturday 26th September 2020. Undergraduate students living off-campus should also visit to attend their College Welcome Talks.

Please note, cars and personal belongings are left at owner’s risk.

Before you arrive

  • Freshers’ Packs – Buy your Welcome Week packs via the Students’ Union website and pick them up from Grizedale Bar on move in day.
  • Bus passes – This bus pass will entitle you to travel to and from campus throughout the entirety of Welcome Week. We highly recommend that you buy one of these as we will use a bus almost every day throughout the week. You can collect these from Grizedale Bar along with your Freshers’ Packs.

College events and activities

Grizedale College events, plus essential University events, are listed below. You will also need to attend the registration event for your course. This is where you become an official member of the University and pick up your University Card. For details on when your registration event will take place, please see the Welcome Week website.

Further information

For more information see the University’s Welcome Week website. You can also see the full schedule in the iLancaster app.

If you have any questions at all, or just feel a little bit lost, please do speak to a member of college staff, or a member of the JCR. We are all here to help, and make sure you have the best time possible!