Project to improve mental health services for LGBTQ+ young people

queer Futures

A major UK study led by Lancaster University, has launched its own website as part of a project to improve the provision of mental health services and support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning+ (LGBTQ+) young people.

Queer Futures 2 is led by Professor Elizabeth McDermott and is being delivered by researchers from the Universities of Lancaster, Leeds, Brighton and Manchester over the course of three years.

It aims to produce research that will improve the provision of mental health services for LGBTQ+ young people when they first start experiencing mental health problems.

There is very little UK research on LGBTQ+ young people and mental health services and as a result little understanding of what type of support would improve their mental health.

The project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, builds on findings from the first Queer Futures study conducted between 2013/5, which found that only 20% of LGBTQ+ youth participants used mental health services when they were self-harming or had suicidal feelings, and less than half found those services helpful.

Professor Elizabeth McDermott stated: "Children and young people’s mental health is a national concern and CAMHS are struggling to meet the need, we found in our first study, Queer Futures, that LGBTQ+ young people were reluctant to seek help from mental health services, and when they did, they often found them unhelpful. In this new study Queer Futures 2, we aim to produce early intervention NHS commissioning guidance that will improve the mental health support for LGBTQ+ young people."

The Queer Futures 2 website includes a video from Chief Investigator, Professor Elizabeth McDermott:

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You can follow the study’s progress on Twitter @queerfutures_2 

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