Video Resources

Recovery focused CBT for Bipolar Disorder, Jan 2015

Prof. Steve Jones, Co-Director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research in the UK, discusses recovery themes in Bipolar Disorder and recent research into the use of recovery focused CBT.

How to fit a square peg in a round hole, Sept 2014

A service user researcher perspective. Rita Long, a service user researcher at the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research in the UK, presents this webinar exploring the role of a service user research and the benefits and challenges which this approach to research can bring.

A two-edged sword: Exploring positive experiences of bipolar, Feb 2014

Dr Fiona Lobban, Co-Director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research, explored findings from a recent study that involved interviewing participants with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder who experienced positive aspects of living with this condition.

Introduction to the ERP Online study, Feb 2013

The ERP Online study is examining relapse prevention techniques within bipolar disorder. Adam Sawczuk talks about the ERP Online study, conducted by the Spectrum Centre.

Integrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention (IBPI) Launch Event, Jan 2013

Parenting with Bipolar Disorder: The Intergrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention Launch Event. Watch Dr Bev Clack present the IBPI study in Lancaster in January 2013.

Examining Service User Involvement - Jan 2013

Service User Researcher Rita Long presents the reasons for involving service users and the Spectrum approach.