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Health is everybody's business

We’re working with small businesses, social enterprises, and charities in Lancashire to re-imagine health and wellbeing solutions for the future. We are supporting a range of organisations who are doing things differently in health, including:

  • A digital communications company working with the NHS to improve breast-screening attendance
  • A charity exploring new ways to support people living with dementia
  • Businesses developing products/services that enable people to stay in work or at home for longer

If you have an idea, or want to develop an existing health-related product or service, we can help your organisation to develop, connect, and grow now.

Support opportunities

Health Innovation

Connect with like-minded people

We run workshops regularly throughout the year. Workshops are fully-funded, delivered over two non-consecutive days, and held across Lancashire.   

Health Innovation Workshop

This workshops will help to focus and shape your ideas using an innovation tool ‘Design Thinking’. The tool will help you understand customers and problem solve. Unlike other business workshops or courses, we come at the development of products and services from a social perspective. 

Innovation for Growth Workshop

This workshop will help leaders to assess the foundations of the business plan. You will benchmark where your organisation is today. And leave with an understanding of the areas blocking innovation. 

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

We have a team of Software Developers available to work with you 1-1. The team can help you to explore the viability of a digital health product or service, conduct usability testing, or develop software prototypes.

You don't need any technological expertise or knowledge, just a willingness to work with our team. However developed your idea is, we welcome applications from all organisations who have an aspiration to apply the latest digital technologies to health and wellbeing. 

Read blog posts written by our Software Developers to discover their useful hints, tips, and digital expertise.

Health Innovation Leadership Programme

The best innovators are the best leaders

A new programme developed by Lancaster University Management School to develop not only ideas, but capacity as leaders to innovate and manage change.

Lancaster University is currently building a new £41m Health Innovation Campus, a place to change the way health is traditionally designed and delivered. The campus has been set up to help develop innovative ideas from all sectors, including small businesses charities and social enterprises.

These are organisations which share similar challenges to drive change and innovation in the health and wellbeing sector. Just some of these obstacles include navigating outdated systems, complex funding landscapes and finding the right people to talk to.

The new Health Innovation Leadership Programme has been developed by Lancaster University Management School to encourage bold ideas, and develop the capacity as a leader to drive them forward. It has been designed specifically for organisations looking to advance and innovate.

The programme welcomes applications from leaders of small business, charities, and social enterprise who want to create health and wellbeing solutions of the future - or those leading the charge towards a new way of doing things. The programme is fully-funded and is available to European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligible companies.

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Health Innovation Leadership Programme

Funding & eligibility

Access to events, workshops, and digital consultancy support is fully funded, and available to European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligible businesses. 

Eligibility includes:

  • Based in Lancashire
  • Employ fewer than 250 full-time employees
  • Has an annual turnover less than £40 million
  • Has received less than £160,000 of publicly funded support in the last 3 years

Find out more about how and why Lancaster University and our funding bodies holds your information. 



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