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About the Catalyst

The Innovation Catalyst is designed for influential/ambitious SME leaders interested in connecting with academic expertise and like-minded peers to address the 21st Century Big Challenges.

By creating the space to innovate and collaborate, this fully funded programme works to build resilient, sustainable innovation ecosystems in specific sectors across Lancashire. The Innovation Catalyst is a proven and powerful way of helping individual firms and regional collectives with shared issues to develop effective long-term solutions that capture greater value for them and for the region.

Over a six-month period we will facilitate a series of investigative and action-focused ‘Innovation Collaboratories’ to collectively map out your goals, challenges, and innovation needs - drawing in the right expertise at the right time for you. The aim of the Catalyst is to build an ecosystem of businesses, industry experts, academics, public sector bodies and other interested parties to solve both individual and shared challenges.

For businesses who wish to be involved, this is an ideal opportunity to tap into a broad range of innovation expertise, and to co-create the learning process so that it is fit for your purpose.

We are recruiting now for our next cohort commencing on 23rd/24th January 2023.

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Tab Content: Catalyst Activation

The programme begins by forming the ‘Innovation Catalyst’ at a two-day, induction event designed to stimulate ideas for tackling challenges in the sector. This immersive start will develop the peer group; building trust, creating bonds and developing interaction and energy to activate ideas and commitment to tackle the challenge.  The process works through mapping goals, challenges and needs.  A shared commitment will be formed.

Tab Content: Innovation Collaboratories

Expertly facilitated by Lancaster University Management School, Innovation Collaborations are a solutions focused space to exchange knowledge, share expertise and resources to accelerate innovation and encourage exponential change. Opportunity to experiment with new ideas and discuss solutions to challenges with policy makers, influential business leaders and academic experts. 

An expert speaker will join the group to inspire and inform on a specific topic, thereby creating a sense of urgency.  This will galvanise the group to act by seeking further research information. 

Tab Content: Challenge Action Groups

These break-out sessions will be formed independently by delegates in either pairs or smaller groups (accompanied by an Engagement Fellow). They will provide the group with space to actively experiment, test and learn from ideas developed during facilitated activity. This could include researching innovation barriers such as resource constraints, organisational structures, processes, or stakeholder conflicts. Findings will be shared with the wider group. This process seeks to develop insight and idea generation - accelerating innovation.

Engagement Fellows are Lancaster University students who provide insight, perspective and resource as equal members of the Catalyst taskforce. Recruited from faculties across the university, they bring diverse knowledge, expertise and ideas to the Challenge Action Groups. As representatives of the future generation of innovators, Fellows actively contribute to ideas generation and project planning, inform process through research and development, and accelerate progress through collaboration.

Tab Content: Closing Symposium

This session will reflect on the groups journey and ensure that action is planned to continue to tackle the challenges outside of the Catalyst. Regrouping and sharing of activity. By this point, the group will have developed an ecosystem of firms, industry experts, academics, support service providers and others that has the ability to solve/has solved both individual and shared challenges. 

Businesses we've supported...

Sue McGraw, Chief Executive of St John's Hospice, shares her experience of working with the Health Innovation Campus at Lancaster University.

How will you benefit?

  • To lead a sustainable revolution in your sector
  • Collaborate and engage with key stakeholders to accelerate idea creation
  • Access cutting edge research, facilities and expertise at Lancaster and partner university
  • Mobilise new ideas though collective experimentation, testing, prototyping and innovation
  • Work with like-minded business leaders to tackle key challenges in your sector
  • Develop own leadership through critical thinking, reflection, collaboration generating greater capacity and confidence
  • Future proof your business in the changing environment

The health and innovation staff from the HIC and facilitators of this course delivered professional, passionate information that will help my company grow. Bravo!

A quote from Belinda Belt, Greenbelt Landscapes

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from leaders of small business, charities, and social enterprise who want to create new health and wellbeing solutions.

Places are fully-funded and available to businesses who meet European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligibility criteria. Places are limited to only one representative per organisation.

Eligibility includes:

  • Based in Lancashire
  • Employ fewer than 250 full-time employees
  • Annual turnover of less than €50 million (or the equivalent in GBP)
  • Has received less than £160,000 of publicly funded support in the last 3 years

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