Research Areas

The Department’s range of research is very broad. We cover:

  • a wide chronological span, from Ancient Greece to modernity
  • a broad geographical scope, including Western and Southern Europe, North Africa, The Middle East, South and East Asia, and the Americas
  • methodological diversity, from political history to digital humanities

We have core strengths in a number of research areas:

  • Ancient and medieval history - Sophie Ambler, Fiona Edmonds, Paul Hayward, Theodora Jim, Alex Metcalfe. 
  • Early modern British / Atlantic history and Oceania c. 1500-1800 - Sarah Barber, Mercedes Camino, Stephen Pumfrey, Nicholas Radburn, Naomi Tadmor.
  • Local and regional history, with particular reference to the North West - Christopher Donaldson, Fiona Edmonds, Ian Gregory, Naomi Tadmor, Joanna Taylor, 
  • Modern and contemporary history, with particular focus on cultural history - Mercedes Camino, Ian Gregory, Patrick Hagopian, Tim Hickman, Michael Hughes, Mark Hurst, Paolo Palladino, Corinna Peniston-Bird, Thomas Rohkramer, John Strachan, Deborah Sutton, James Taylor, John Welshman, Marco Wyss, Sandra Kemp
  • Digital humanities - Christopher Donaldson, Ian Gregory,  Joanna Taylor, Sandra Kemp.