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Sharing Practice

How do educators discover ‘what works’ in teaching? Sharing practice events bring together colleagues who are interested in their own and colleagues teaching practice and student learning. Through sharing, reflecting, discussion and learning we have an opportunity to enhance not only our student education but also our own experience of teaching.

For information about past and future events, please visit the Sharing Practice home page.

Sharing practice
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Facing Out, Facing In

Facing Out, Facing In is a lecture and discussion series, which explores leading higher education pedagogies along with connections and possibilities for Lancaster University’s strategic aims.

  • Facing Out: We welcome leading education researchers and experts to present a sector view on specific areas, followed by an internal colleague respondent offering a Lancaster perspective and view.
  • Facing In: We extend the topic discussion, a sequel session facilitates participants to connect with colleagues across the institution to share, exchange, develop their understanding and practice of the topic.
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Sector Insight Seminars

We live in a time of rapid higher education change. Change that is driven by developments at national and global level and which challenge us to adapt and prepare for that future. These Sector Insight Seminars seek to raise awareness of opportunities and challenges associated with new and emerging educational practice, policy topics and issues, and they provide a space to simulate discussion and inform our future work.

Our first series of seminars will centre on exploring TEF. Throughout the seminars, invited colleagues will gain insight into specificities of TEF, having an opportunity to clarify understanding, question external experts.

If you have any suggestions for sector topics, or would like to become more actively involved in this seminar series, please contact Dr Kathryn James in Educational Development.

Coming soon...

A Teaching Excellence Framework Focus, TEF Measure 3 – Student Outcome and Learning Gain.

Inclusive teaching

Teaching and Curriculum Development For Staff

The University offers a range of training and development opportunities for staff involved in teaching and supporting learning. 

Search the Staff Development Portal for information about available training and development programmes, including those aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Sharing practice