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Undergraduate Research Conference

From discovery to impact: Unleash the power of undergraduate research.

In 2020 we will host our first undergraduate research conference. Undergraduates from all disciplines and departments will have the opportunity to present and share their research via poster sessions and oral presentations to peers and staff.

The undergraduate conference is a recognition and celebration of the variety and quality of undergraduate research taking place at Lancaster.

As a student or staff member, if you are interested in becoming involved with this initiative please contact Dr Kathryn James in Educational Development.

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Discipline Commons

A Discipline Commons is a teaching development initiative in which academic educators within in the same discipline, teaching the same subject area, from different universities come together to critically examining teaching practices through collegial discussion and cross-institutional peer review. The central aim of the initiative is to develop, support and promote excellent forward thinking state of the art discipline specialist teachers.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to set up and run a Discipline Commons, please contact Dr Kathryn James in Educational Development.

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Teach-Learn-Share is a joint FHM/LUMS initiative for sharing good practice about teaching and learning. Building on the success of the Teaching and Learning Forum (along with TEF Gold, and the University of the Year award) the new Teach-Learn-Share will present opportunities to engage with colleagues and share good practice, while also keeping up to date with scholarship in Teaching and Learning.

Along with symposia, Teach-Learn-Share will be holding regular TeachMeets where you can share your own good practice, practical innovations and insights, and hear about these from colleagues.

Have a pedagogical issue that is important to your department or group? We will be offering small grants to support colleagues in developing a session focusing on pedagogical issues of relevance to them. For more information, see the Teach-Learn-Share website.

Main contacts:

  • Dr Sarah Brearley, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of Education in the Division of Health Research
  • Dr Casey Cross, Senior Teaching Fellow in Department of Management Science and LUMS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.
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