What is an undergraduate conference and why should I get involved?

An undergraduate research conference is an event designed to promote, share and celebrate work undertaken as part of your undergraduates study. It’s about coming together as a community of undergraduates to showcase projects, meet fellow students researching the same & different topics and learn about the contribution you make through your work to the whole University community and potentially beyond.

Conventionally a conference would be held face-to-face at a large venue and consist of oral presentations, paper poster displays, display stands to visit and lunch! in 2021 the Covid-10 pandemic presented us with an opportunity to run the conference in a different way, wholly online and for all undergraduates across the Lancaster University Teaching Partnership to contibute and participate. The 2021 conference was a truly global showcase of undergraduate research with students joining us from across continents and cultures. UGs from all 8 LU partners, spanning the UK, China, Germany, Ghana and Malaysia contibuted by supporting and/or presenting at the conference.

“The Lancaster Undergraduate Conference was a great opportunity for me. Not only was I able to present my research and get feedback, as well as meet with other students interested in it, but the UG Conference also made me develop a succinct version of my dissertation which I have since then been able to reuse in various other presentations due to its more accessible format." Zacharie Chiron, 2021 Conference Presenter

For the 2022 Conference we are building on the 2021 success, staying online and staying global! There are many ways in which you can participate in the undergraduate conference. You can connect with fellow undergraduates by presenting your project and research findings, help with conference organisation and supporting roles to enhance your employability skills, or simply join as a delegate to view the presentations and online activities and be inspired by the global research going on at Lancaster University.

2020 conference group chat

For the event, we will have a specifically designed website to showcase undergraduate projects and research work undertaken as part of degree courses or internships, as poster style presentations. Additionally we will welcome a range of live online speakers; students and staff from across all the Lancaster University Teaching Partners to talk about their work during the conference week.

Take a look at the 2021 Conference presentation website.

The conference is free and open to all undergraduate students participating as part of a Lancaster University Partnership course, including UGs on ‘Study Abroad’ schemes. It’s a great opportunity for you to network with fellow student, find out about a wide range of topics which may be totally new to you and gain new skills. Join us!

Conference opportunities

Read more about ways in which you can get involved. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us by emailing ugconference@lancaster.ac.uk


Important notices - Conference etiquette

1) The conference adopts a zero tolerance approach to bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct. Any instance will be investigated and where necessary, disciplinary sanctions used, so that our staff, students, and visitors can enjoy an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Please make yourself aware of the Lancaster University Bullying harassment and sexual misconduct policy.

2) Many parts of this conference will be recorded, including comments made by participants. Please be award this may include yourself. Conference registration and attendance acknowledges that you are aware of this and agree to be recorded. This recording, kept for up to 2 years, may be used in University marketing across Lancaster University partners.

3) Privacy Notice. The UG Conference supports and adheres to Lancaster University Student Privacy Notice. When you register for the conference we collect personal information from you such as your university contact details, your institution and department of study. We will use this information for conference administration and the statistics derived from it for marketing and publicity. We do not and will not share or sell any of your personal information to anyone outside of Lancaster University including third parties, unless required to do so by law. Your information will be securely stored within Lancaster University’s systems and will be retained for 1 year. You have certain rights regarding your own personal data, please refer to the Student Privacy Notice and the Rights of the Data Subject webpage for further details. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of and understand the Privacy Notice.

Please note, from time-to-time we may use the contact details you have provided to ask you follow-up questions about the event or to ask you to promote a similar event in future years. If you do not wish to be contacted for this purpose in future, please contact ugconference@lancaster.ac.uk

What you have told us from the 2020 & 2021 Conferences

Read these comments from the participants of the 2020 & 2021 Undergraduate Research conferences

2021 Conference

"First and foremost, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and the others throughout the preparation of the conference. A great experience indeed to collaborate with people from all over the world. Will surely participate in the conference over the next week. Hope to cross paths and work with you again in the future. Thank you once again." Athira Zuhaira Ahamad Yusri, Sunway University, Malaysia. Support Team member.

"Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed presenting today and eagerly look forward to the presentations tomorrow." Awurakua Afaribea Yirrah, Lancaster University Ghana Campus, Africa. Presenter.

Visit the 2021 Presentation Website

Watch the 2021 online conference sessions from this link. Use the search term UG Conference.

2020 Conference

"Wow, it was great to see how passionate people are about their work and learn about other subjects other than my own" (student delegate)"I very much enjoyed yesterday’s conference; a huge variety in type of presentation, and a good overview of the quality of our students’ work for visitors. The best were very good indeed. Well done to all involved" (staff delegate)“From learning about lava flows on Mars, to the geographical histories of the Lake District and the relationship between austerity and the environment, the Lancaster University Undergraduate Conference 2020 was an informative, thought-provoking and fascinating event. The student-led poster presentations and speeches provided a laid-back and comfortable environment for students from different disciplines to share their knowledge from various fields of work with fellow students, staff and visitors. I hadn’t completed my dissertation research on the sexualisation and shaming of women’s bodies prior to the conference in March, as my hand-in was due in May. Even so, I decided to present a poster on my ongoing research because I wanted to challenge and motivate myself. By discussing my ideas and data analysis to an audience with little knowledge on sociology or feminist studies, I had to clearly explain my research without any jargon or pre-existing knowledge. This has significantly helped me when writing my dissertation concisely. I was also able to draw in-depth conclusions and counter-analysis of my data by appreciating different perspectives. The attendees were really supportive and genuinely interested in my research, growing my confidence and pride for my ongoing work, especially as I won Best Poster! I’d recommend anyone to present a poster, whether they’ve finished their research or are just thinking of new ideas.“ Chloe Rose Johnson, BA (Hons) Sociology at Lancaster University. Chloe won the best poster prize in 2020.

Visit the 2020 Conference section of the website for more information and images from this event in March 2020.