IT Partnering

IT Partnering builds upon existing links that ISS staff have with others across the Univerity, and provides a more formal route into ISS to help get things done.

IT partnering aims to:

  • Establish and maintain a good service relationship between ISS and Faculties & Divisions, developing an understanding of the IT needs and priorities within the areas supported.
  • Ensure that priorities for ISS services and resources are established in a way that addresses the IT requirements of the University.
  • Highlight priorities for Faculties & Divisions that are likely to need some input from ISS.
  • Help to gather in project proposals and develop business cases for new IT services or developments.

Getting in touch

The partnering role is currently undertaken by the IT Partnering & Innovations Team, led by Chris Dixon.

Request a new project

Approval for new projects which require input from ISS depends upon the scale of the work required:

  • Small projects (less than 20 days work) can be approved and prioritised by individual team leaders - timescales will depend upon the work they already have scheduled.
  • Medium sized projects (over 20 days but which aren't expected to require additional capital funding) are approved and prioritised by the ISS Leadership team on a monthly basis, and will be timetabled according to other University priorities and projects already in progress.
  • Larger projects which require significant amount of project management, resources, or capital funding will require a detailed business case and will be approved by the Digital Strategy Advisory Group

For advice and guidance please contact the IT Partnering and Innovations team