5 March 2018

Complete our Digital Skills Certificate to gain skills and help you stand out from the crowd.

Do at least one online course from each of five categories and pass the assessments for them to be awarded the Digital Skills Certificate. Although you need to successfully complete one course from each category to be awarded the certificate, you can do as many of the courses as you like.

Each free online course is interactive, accessible 24/7 and designed to last between 1-1.5 hours.

Currently there's 15 different courses to choose from, including: Presenting information with visual impact, Statistical data analysis using SPSS, Developing your online profile using LinkedIn, Information security, Creating and analysing online surveys using Qualtrics, Professional use of social media, and Formatting documents in Word.

When you successfully complete the certificate you’ll receive a Digital Skills Certificate electronic badge.

In addition for students:

  • Each course you pass earns you a digital badge worth 5 points towards the Careers section of the Lancaster Award; and
  • The certificate appears on your HEAR transcript when you graduate – that’s a great way to prove your digital skills to prospective employers.

Subject experts have inputted into development of the courses to ensure the content is appropriate.

If there are any new online training courses you would be interested in having, please let us know at: iss-training@lancaster.ac.uk