16 January 2018

The Mahara portfolio application was upgraded (to version 17.10) in January 2018 bringing a number of new features and a change in how navigation works.

New feature – Smart Evidence

Smart Evidence allows you to assess portfolios based on competency frameworks, which then provides an evidence map of the competencies a student has met and those they need to work on further.

Improved Features

  • Deleted comments can be removed from portfolio pages when no longer relevant, and no replies are linked to them.
  • The page and collection features are combined into one page to make them easier to manage. This includes improvements to how pages and collections are shared.
  • The page editor is simplified by collating all settings onto one page and by introducing new controls to manage page layouts.
  • Portfolio pages can be printed using a simplified page view that removes the Mahara interface and shows only the page content.
  • When using Mahara on a mobile device, you can now use the device camera when uploading files into your portfolio.

Navigation changes

The navigation tabs have been moved into a 'hamburger' menu in the top-right of the Mahara interface. This gives page content more space and allows Mahara to work effectively on mobile devices.
Mahara navigation 600px image

Video showcasing new features in Mahara 17.10