Full list of centrally bookable spaces

Ash House PC Zone 1

Bowland Ash House A014.1 (zone 1)

Ash House PC Zone 1, 2 & 3

Bowland Ash House A014.1

Ash House PC Zone 3

Bowland Ash House A014.1 (zone 3)

Barker House Farm

Brandrigg Room

Bowland Main

Bowland Main Lecture Theatre
Bowland Main B104
Bowland Main B137
Bowland Main B153

Bowland North

A064 Computer Lab
Bowland North, A65
Bowland North C037
Bowland North Seminar Room 1
Bowland North Seminar Room 10
Bowland North Seminar Room 11
Bowland North Seminar Room 12
Bowland North Seminar Room 13
Bowland North Seminar Room 14
Bowland North Seminar Room 15
Bowland North Seminar Room 16
Bowland North Seminar Room 17
Bowland North Seminar Room 18
Bowland North Seminar Room 19
Bowland North Seminar Room 2
Bowland North Seminar Room 20
Bowland North Seminar Room 21
Bowland North Seminar Room 22
Bowland North Seminar Room 23
Bowland North Seminar Room 24
Bowland North Seminar Room 25
Bowland North Seminar Room 26
Bowland North Seminar Room 27
Bowland North Seminar Room 3
Bowland North Seminar Room 4
Bowland North Seminar Room 5
Bowland North Seminar Room 6
Bowland North Seminar Room 7
Bowland North Seminar Room 8
Bowland North Seminar Room 9
Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre
Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre
Bowland North B084
Bowland North B110
Bowland North B135
Bowland North B136
Bowland North C089
Bowland North C120
Bowland North C127
Bowland North B067

Charles Carter

Charles Carter A02 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A04 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A05 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A15 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A16 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A17 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A18 Seminar Room
Charles Carter A19 (Exec Suite)
Charles Carter B32
Charles Carter B34
Charles Carter, C37
Charles Carter C40
Charles Carter D38
Charles Carter D41

Charles Carter Foyer

Charles Carter Foyer


Chemistry A003
Chemistry A004

County Main

County Main A026
County Main B082
County Main B116
County Main B150
County Main B185
County Main Seminar Room 1
County Main Seminar Room 2
County Main Seminar Room 3
County Main Seminar Room 4
County Main Seminar Room 5
County Main Seminar Room 6
County Main Seminar Room 7

County South

County South B059
County South B89 Video Conf.
County South C89
County South D43
County South D44
County South D60
County South D72
County South Lecture Theatre


Cavendish Colloquium
Cavendish Lecture Theatre
Faraday A047
Faraday Foyer LA01
Faraday Lecture Theatre
Faraday Seminar Room 1
Faraday Seminar Room 2
Faraday Seminar Room 3
Faraday Seminar Room 4
Frankland Lecture Theatre
Mock Court Room


FASS Meeting Room 1
FASS Meeting Room 2
FASS Meeting Room 3
FASS Meeting Room 5
FASS Meeting Room 7


Furness C024
Furness C026
Furness Lecture Theatre 1
Furness Lecture Theatre 2
Furness Lecture Theatre 3


Fylde, C17
Fylde, C18
Fylde, C20
Fylde C40
Fylde, C40b
Fylde, C42
Fylde, C43
Fylde, C52
Fylde, C53a
Fylde, C53b
Fylde, C54a
Fylde, C54b
Fylde, C56a
Fylde, C56b
Fylde, C59
Fylde, C61
Fylde, C64
Fylde, D18
Fylde, D20
Fylde, D40
Fylde, D41
Fylde, D42
Fylde, D43
Fylde C32 Seminar Room
Fylde C34 Seminar Room
Fylde C48 Seminar Room
Fylde D28 Seminar Room
Fylde D31 Seminar Room
Fylde D33 Seminar Room
Fylde Lecture Theatre 1
Fylde Lecture Theatre 2
Fylde Lecture Theatre 3

George Fox

George Fox Lecture Theatre 1
George Fox Lecture Theatre 2
George Fox Lecture Theatre 3
George Fox Lecture Theatre 4
George Fox Lecture Theatre 5 & 6

George Fox Foyer

George Fox Foyer A01

Great Hall

Great Hall A027
Great Hall A035
Great Hall A041
Great Hall A38
Jack Hylton Music Room
Jack Hylton Studio (B002a)
Minor Hall (B015/B016)


HIC, A05
HIC, A12
HIC, A21
HIC, A22
HIC, A28
HIC, A29
HIC, A40
HIC, A41
HIC, B19
HIC, B29
HIC, B30
HIC, B33
HIC, B34
HIC, B38
HIC, B39
HIC, B40
HIC, B41
HIC, C20
HIC, C21
HIC, C23
HIC, C24
HIC, C29
HIC, C30
HIC, C33
HIC, C34
HIC, D18

HR Building

HR Building A04
HR Building A05
Training Room 1 & 2
Training Room 3 (A15)


InfoLab C60a
InfoLab C60b/c


ISS Meeting Room 2 (B29)
ISS Meeting Room 3 (C29)

LEC 1&2

LEC 1 Biology Lecture Theatre


LEC III A51 Meeting Room 1
LEC III B44 Meeting Room 2
LEC III B45 Meeting Room 3


C130 Library Collaboration Suite
Library A343a
Library B107 (Access via Library Staff Office)
Library C132 (TR2)
Library C135 (TR1)


LICA A04 Seminar Room
LICA A05 Seminar Room
LICA A06 Seminar Room
LICA Pod 1 (A01)
LICA Pod 2 (A01)

Management School

Computer Lab (A001c)
Hub Cafe (A201a)
Lecture Theatre 2 (A236a) Breakout
Lecture Theatre 3 (A241a)Breakout
Management School Collaboration Suite (LT10)
Management School, D8
Management School Lecture Theatre 1
Management School Lecture Theatre 11
Management School Lecture Theatre 12
Management School Lecture Theatre 2
Management School Lecture Theatre 3
Management School Lecture Theatre 4
Management School Lecture Theatre 5
Management School Lecture Theatre 6
Management School Lecture Theatre 7
Management School Lecture Theatre 8
Management School Lecture Theatre 9
Management School MR 1
Management School MR 2
Management School MR 3
Management School MR 4
Video Conferencing Room (B107)
Video Conferencing Room (B108)
West A002
West A016
West A019
West A021
West A034
West B002
West C002
West C006
West D002
West D006
West E002
West E006

Margaret Fell

Margaret Fell Lecture Theatre
Margaret Fell Meeting Room

New Engineering Building

Meeting Room B03
Meeting Room B28


Physics A007
Physics A27
Physics B009
Physics B010
Physics B024
Physics C029
Physics C036

Science and Technology

A007/A008 Computer Lab
Hannaford Lab A089b/A090
Training Room 1 Breakout A076
Training Room 2 A074

Sports Centre

Meeting Room B02

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse A04 kitchen
The Roundhouse B02
The Roundhouse B03
The Roundhouse B07

University House

Student Registry Interview A46
Uni House John Welch Room
University House B06
University House B16
University House B24
University House B28/30
University House C29

Welcome Centre

Meeting Room A21
Welcome Centre LT1 A34
Welcome Centre LT2 A23
Welcome Centre LT3 A40
Welcome Centre LT4 A22


Whewell, A10
Whewell, A11
Whewell, A2
Whewell, A26
Whewell, A27
Whewell, A28
Whewell, A29
Whewell, A5
Whewell, A6
Whewell, A7
Whewell, A8
Whewell, B10
Whewell, B2
Whewell, B3
Whewell, B4
Whewell, B5
Whewell, B6
Whewell, B7
Whewell, B8
Whewell, B9