Downloading copyrighted material

If you download films or other copyrighted content to watch/use through BitTorrent, Kodi, Popcorn Time or other similar services you will be in breach of UK copyright legislation and the University’s Computer User Agreement (CUA).

The University gets alerted to this type of illegal activity. If you have committed such copyright infringement, you will receive an automatic fine, sent to your University email address, as follows:

  • If it’s your first offence you’ll receive an automatic fine of £25.
  • If it’s your second offence the fine level will double to £50.
  • Any further offence will result in a referral to further disciplinary procedures, and you risk further penalties.

The email you receive will detail your opportunity to appeal the fine, but please note that you are wholly responsible for your account and any activity done through it (saying someone else used your account will not be an acceptable excuse).

Please note that if you plan to sell or give a device that you own to someone else you should ensure it is wiped to avoid the risk of a device being be linked to you if it is used for such an offence when it is no longer in your possession.

Additional advice and guidance about other types of copyrighted material is given on The Library website.