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Moving from Box to OneDrive

During Lent term 2020 we’ll be moving our cloud storage from Box to OneDrive. 

Why move to OneDrive?

As part of an ongoing plan to improve and enhance our digital collaboration, the move from Box to OneDrive will bring close integration with Office 365, the University’s platform for email, calendaring and other services.

It will also avoid licensing two similar cloud storage services, and will take place before the current Box licence expires towards the end of Lent term.

What stage are we at?

We’re currently in the process of planning, which will take a couple of months. Once planning is completed we’ll run some test moves to OneDrive.

How do I use OneDrive?


Do I personally need to move my files from Box to OneDrive?

  • No, we’re planning a mass move of all content so you don’t have to do it.
  • However, if you feel you would like do this yourself see our help and guidance on how to successfully move your own Box files to OneDrive.

Should I delete any Box files that are no longer needed?

    • Yes, before the move you should delete anything from Box that you no longer need.
    • If you have any personal information stored in Box, you may want to consider moving it to non-University storage.

Will I lose files when the move happens?

      • No, we will ensure that files are backed up before the move to prevent loss of data.

Do new students and new staff get a Box account?

      • New students and new staff will get a Box account, but they will not receive any storage allocation for it. This means they will be able to view and collaborate on files that are shared with them, and download these files to their OneDrive account.

Is OneDrive just like Box?

      • OneDrive is similar to Box, but it has more functionally and seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools.

Should I store all my files in OneDrive?

      • Not necessarily – OneDrive provides you with secure cloud storage and allows you to collaborate on files with others, but the contents of a file and what it will be used for may mean that it’s better to store it somewhere else, e.g. in Teams. To help you decide what to store where, see information about using OneDrive and information about using Teams.