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Get Connected as a New Member of Staff

How to get up and running with our IT services.

Welcome to Lancaster.

The IT services listed below are important in getting you connected as a new staff member. It's not an exhaustive list, and colleagues in your department should point you in the right direction for other IT services that are needed in your role. Alongside the services we've listed, there's a short video to give you a flavour of IT at Lancaster, and links to IT help and support you might need.

You're going to need your University Account username and password in order to connect to many of our IT services. Shortly after signing your University contract, once you are within 3 months of your start date, you should receive emails from us inviting you to set up your account.

About your account

Your University account provides access to a range of systems and services.

Your University Account username and password authenticate your access to the University network and to a range of systems and services. You can use your University card to release printing.

Go to your account details

Access your University email

Lancaster staff use Office 365 for their University email.

You can access your Office 365 email on a PC or Mac using Outlook, or via a web browser using the Outlook Web App. To access your University email on a mobile device install the Outlook mobile app.

See how to access your email


Learn where to store your work

Our secure storage means no need to store work on the hard drive of your PC.

We give you personal and departmental file storage on our servers and unlimited storage in the cloud using LU Box. We've also created an interactive tool to help you decide the best place to store particular files. 

See where to store your work

Set yourself up for printing

Set yourself up to connect to our networked printers across campus.

Once you’re set up, you can send your work to print, then release it out at the printer of your choice. You can even send to print from a mobile device. Our printers will also let you photocopy, and scan to email.

Go to LU Print portal

Find out how to access software

We have a wide range of site licensed software that you can access.

On Windows PCs you can access many software applications on demand via the Internet using  AppsAnywhere. All staff can install Microsoft Office applications on multiple personal devices.

See how to access software

Connect to our secure Wi-Fi

Connect to eduroam Wi-Fi in offices, teaching and social spaces on campus.

When you connect to eduroam Wi-Fi for the first time, follow the instructions carefully to ensure you enter your username correctly because it uses a different format to your usual University account username. 

See how to connect to Wi-Fi

Access the Staff Intranet

The Staff Intranet is your easy route to University information and systems.

As well as seeing information and news from around the University, there's a My Area tab providing quick access to personal details of your purchase requests, room bookings, expenses, HR information and more. 

Go to Staff Intranet

Develop your digital skills

There's a wide range of IT training to help you develop the skills you need.

Types of training available include in-depth taught courses, short demonstration style sessions and drop-ins. There's also a large number of online courses if you'd really prefer to learn at your own pace. 

See IT training options

Download the iLancaster app

Download our free iLancaster mobile app or view it on the web.

Log in to the 'Student/Staff User' profile for personal features such as Timetable (if you're teaching staff), MyAccount and Library. There's also a City Coast and Countryside profile with information for local residents.

Go to download iLancaster

IT help

Help and support from the ISS Service Desk.

See how to get help

Password help

Help with your University account password.

See password help

Follow us

IT news (including service issues) on Twitter.

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