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Welcome Back... our returning students. Take a look at the main IT changes we've made over summer.


Attendance Check-in for UGs

Undergraduates now register attendance at teaching sessions using iLancaster.

Check into undergraduate teaching sessions using iLancaster on a phone or tablet device. It’s important to set up your device for using Attendance Check-in, know how it works and what to do if you have a problem. 

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Change to how you get software

AppsAnywhere has replaced AppJ as the way to access software.

AppsAnywhere runs software on demand in the same way that Apllication Jukebox (AppJ) did. Use it in PC Labs on campus or get the CloudPaging player on your own computer to make it easy to run applications.

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Connecting to wi-fi on campus

We've upgraded eduroam wi-fi in lots of places on campus.

Over summer we've upgraded wif-fi in many places. To make sure you're connected to eduroam securely, forget the network if you currently have it on your device then re-connect using our updated instructions.

How to connect to eduroam


New Learning Zone support

There's a new look for your IT support in the Learning Zone.

The Learning Zone is still the main place for you to get face to face IT support, but we've transformed it over summer into the Learning Zone Support Desk - it includes an area where you can search for help and information yourself on an iPad. 

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Charge your mobile device

Leave your mobile device safely to charge in one of our Power Lockers.

We're trialling Power Lockers where you can lock your mobile device away safely and leave it to charge. You'll find the lockers in LUMS corridor running off the Spine, George Fox foyer, Fylde lecture theatres corridor, and the Welcome Centre.

How to use Power Lockers


New features in Moodle

New feedback feature and resource list link in upgraded Moodle.

With Combined Feedback you can now combine all feedback allocated to one of your assignments into a single downloadable PDF. And Library reading lists (called Resource lists) are now accessible from a link at the top of the module page.

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