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We have a large range of software applications available for staff and students. Click on the application title e.g. 'Adobe Creative Cloud »' for further information about the application e.g. availability & licence Keys.

For more information about the Software Catalogue follow: About Software Catalogue.

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 Software TitleLaunchTrainingUsersPlatformCategoryRestrictions
All apps are 'free', except those marked (£)  
7-Zip »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
ACD-NMR » (ACD/NMR 1D, 2D & ChemSketch)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
ActivePerl »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
Adobe Creative Cloud » (includes Adobe Acrobat Pro DC & Photoshop)     ELearning»Staff onlyWindows, Mac, MobileGraphics, Productivity, Audio, VideoNamed List
Adobe Reader » Students, StaffWindows, MacUtility
Anki »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity, Other
AntConc »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
AppsAnywhere » (was Application Jukebox aka AppJ)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, WebUtility
ArcGIS » (v10)     ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
ArcGIS Pro » ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Arduino »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Artemis 16 »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
Artimis ACT » (Artemis Comparison Tool aka ACT)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
ATLAS.ti »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, MobileQualitative
Atom »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, Programming
Audacity »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAudio
BEAST »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, HECStatistical
Blender »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Box »SaaS»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility, Productivity, Collaborative
Box for Office »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
Box Notes »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
C/C++ » (Intel Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgramming
C/C++ » (PGI Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgramming
Camtasia Studio 8 »Apps»Training»Staff onlyWindowsGraphics, VideoNamed List
Camtasia Studio 9 »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, MacGraphics, VideoNamed List
ChemDraw »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacGraphics
Chimera »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxModeling/Simulation
Cisco Jabber »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, MacInstant Messaging
Cisco Webex Player »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative
Cisco Webex Suite »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative
CLAN » (CHILDES)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
Classic LINDO »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
CodeBlocks »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Colour Contrast Analyser » (CCA)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacAccessibility
Csound »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAudio
CytExpert »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Datastream »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsBusiness IntelligenceLUMS
Datastream Advance » Students, StaffWindowsBusiness Intelligence
dChip »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Decision Explorer »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOtherLUMS Concurrent
Dialang »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
DnaSP »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Dragon Naturally Speaking » Students, StaffWindowsAccessibilityCustom Arrangements
DTM » (Descrete Time Modelling)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Dynare » (for MATLAB)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
EaglePCB »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming, Other
Edgetrak »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
Edumetric »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsSurvey, Data Analysis
EIKON » (64 bit)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative, Business IntelligenceLUMS Concurrent
Elan »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxQualitative
Emacs Editor » (GNU)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
EndNote »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
EPI Suite »Apps»Students, StaffOther
Eric 6 IDE »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
Erlang »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
eStream Encoder » (Planet)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsVideo
EViews »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationLUMS Concurrent
Exceed » (Inc Exceed 3D)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
f.lux »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
f4transkript »Apps»Students onlyWindowsAccessibility, AudioLUMS
Facets »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData AnalysisFASS
FEBio » (with Preview and PostView )    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
FigTree »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
FileZilla »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
Filings expert »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
FireAnt »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative
Fortran » (Intel Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgramming
Fortran » (PGI Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgramming
FreeMind »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxAccessibility, Productivity
G*Power »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
GAUSS » (Unix)     Students, StaffIUSNumerical
GAUSS » (Windows)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsNumericalLUMS Named List
Gemalto eSigner »Apps»Staff onlyWindowsUtilityFinance
Geneec »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Gephi »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
GIMP »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacGraphics
Git »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacProgramming
GLIM » Students, StaffIUSStatistical
GMetrix »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProductivityNamed List
Google Earth »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
GoPro Studio »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsVideo
Great-er »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Gromacs »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
GuassView » Students, StaffLinuxData Analysis
gVIM »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, Programming
ICE GB »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
ICLE » Students, StaffWindowsOtherLUMS
IDL » ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxNumericalConcurrent Named List
iLancaster »SaaS»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MobileOther
ILOG CPLEX » (IBM CPLEX)     Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Image Studio Lite »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Inkscape »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
Inputlog 7 »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
Inquisit Web Player »Apps»Students, StaffSurvey
Intelligent Forecaster »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationLUMS
IntelliJ » (IDEA)     Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
Irfanview »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
iTunes »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsAudio
JASP »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsStatistical
Java JDK » (v8)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
JAWS » Students, StaffWindowsAccessibilityStudents - PC Lab Only
jEdit »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
JSFML » Students, StaffWindowsProgramming, Other
JUnit » Students, StaffWindowsProgramming, Other
JW Player » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, MobileUtility
K-Lite Codec Pack »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, Audio
Kramer VIA »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, Collaborative
Lab Tutor »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
LabVIEW » Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
LancsBox »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
LanSchool » Staff onlyWindowsUtilityNamed List
Leximancer » Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitative
Logic Gate Simulator »Apps»Students, StaffModeling/Simulation
LTspice IV »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacModeling/Simulation
Lumerical FDTD Solutions » Students, StaffWindowsData AnalysisPhysics (Tony Kriers Group) only - Concurrent
LUSI Desktop Client »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtilityNamed List
Maple »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, IUSNumerical
Mathematica »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsNumerical, OtherLUMS
MathType Lite Fonts »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity, Other
MATLAB »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, HECStatistical, Numerical
MAVIS »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Medialibrary File Uploader »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtilityNamed List
MEGA »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
Mendeley Desktop »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffOther
Mercury »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Data Analysis
Micro Saint Sharp »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationLUMS
Microsoft Campus Agreement » Staff onlyWindowsProductivityUni Owned PCs
Microsoft Excel with all Plugins » ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
Microsoft Imagine (standard) » (Discounted or free Microsoft & VMware software - including Windows 10)    (£)ELMS»Students, StaffWebUtility, Productivity
Microsoft Imagine Premium » (Free develpment Microsoft & VMware software - including Windows 10)    ELMS»Students, StaffWebUtilityISS, SCC & Engineering
Microsoft Office 2016 » (FREE for UG, PG & STAFF)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
Microsoft Project Professional » Vendor»Staff onlyWindowsProductivityUni Owned PCs
Microsoft Project Standard » Students onlyWindowsProductivityLUMS
Microsoft Visio Premium » Vendor»Staff onlyWindowsGraphicsUni Owned PCs
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 » (Community)    ELMS»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
MiKTeX »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsScientific WP
MindJet Mind Manager »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacAccessibility, Productivity
MinGW » (Includes C compilers)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
MobLab » (Ghana)     Students, StaffWindowsOtherLUMS
MobLab » Students, StaffWindowsOtherLUMS Named List
Mozilla Firefox » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProductivity
MPL for Windows » (Modeling Language)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationLUMS
NetLogo »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Nlogit (Limdep) »Apps»Students onlyWindowsModeling/SimulationConcurrent
Notepad++ »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, Programming
Novabench » (64-bit)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
NVivo » (Pro)    Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitative
Octave » (GNU)     ELearning»Students, StaffHECNumerical
online surveys » (BOS)    SaaS»Vendor»Students, StaffWebSurveyNamed List
Open Office »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacProductivity
OpenBUGS »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical
OpenRefine » (formerly Google Refine)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatistical
Packet Tracer »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Paint.NET »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Panopto » Staff onlyWindows, MacProductivityNamed List
PC Info » Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Pd Extended »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
PDFtk » (PDF Toolkit)    Apps»Training»Students, StaffProductivity
PhysWhizII »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Populus »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
POVRay »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Powerworld »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation, Other
Praat »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Audio
Processing » (programming language)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacProgramming
Processing Modflow »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
PsychoPy »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Pure Data »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileProgramming
PuTTY »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
PyCharm »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
PyMOL »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
Python »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgramming
QGIS »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
QQ »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacInstant Messaging, Collaborative
QtiPlot »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
Qualtrics »SaaS»ELearning»Students, StaffWebSurvey, Collaborative
Questionmark Perception » Training»Staff onlyWebSurveyNamed List
R »Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, IUS, HECStatistical, Programming
Rasmol »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Raven Lite »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsAudio
Read&Write » (Includes OCR)    Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsAccessibilityUni Owned PCs
Repast Simphony »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
RStudio Desktop » (inc R 3.1.2)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Programming
Safe Exam Browser »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Sage Accounts »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOtherLUMS Named List
SAP GUI »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
SAS »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, HECStatistical, Business Intelligence
Scribus »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
SDL Trados Studio » (and SDL Multi Term 2015 Professional (64-bit))    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOtherConcurrent
SEP » (Symantec Endpoint Protection)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Other.Security
SimPlot »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Simul8 »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Simulations of Pharmacological Experiments on the Guinea Pig Ileum »Apps»Students, StaffOther
SiSo »SaaS»Students, StaffWebModeling/Simulation, Other
Sketchup » (Trimble)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsGraphics
Skype » (old)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, MobileInstant Messaging, Collaborative
Skype for Business »Apps»ELearning»Staff onlyWindowsInstant Messaging, Collaborative, Video
Slack » (for Windows)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative, Other
Smarteezie »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
SmithV4 »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationNamed List
SOLVER add-in for Excel » Students, StaffWindowsProductivityLUMS
Sonic PI »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsAudio, Programming
Soundscriber » Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsAudio
SpamAssassin » ELearning»Students, StaffOther.Security
SplitsTree »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
SPREAD »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsStatistical, Other
SPSS » (IBM SPSS Statistics)    Apps»Training»Students, StaffWindows, MacStatistical
SPSS » ( in Ghana)     Students, StaffWindows, MacStatisticalGhana Campus
SPSS Amos »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatistical
Star Logo »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Stata MP4 » (HEC)     Students, StaffHECStatisticalConcurrent
Stata MP4 »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatisticalLUMS Concurrent
StataSE »Apps»Students onlyWindowsStatisticalLUMS Concurrent
Stat::Fit » Students, StaffWindowsStatistical
Sumatra PDF » (PDF Reader)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
SuperCollider »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility
SusProg3D »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
SWAN »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
Tableau » (Desktop)     Staff onlyWindowsBusiness IntelligenceNamed List
Tablet » (graphical viewer)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxGraphics
TempEst » (formerly Path-O-Gen)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxData Analysis
TestUbuntu VM »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Texmaker » (LaTeX editor)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxScientific WP
TeXnic Center » (uses MiKTeX to edit LaTeX)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsScientific WP
The Embryonic Disk »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
TLTP » Students, StaffWindowsOther
Topspin »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsData Analysis
Tracer »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxOther
Trello »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWebCollaborative
TurningPoint Cloud »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, Mac, MobileCollaborative
Vensim PLE » (Removed when AppsAnywhere came in due to lack of use.)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsOther
Vidyo »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsCollaborative
VirtualBox »Apps»Vendor»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Visual MINTEQ »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsModeling/Simulation
VLC Media Player »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxUtility, Video
VMD » (Molecular Visualization)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxModeling/Simulation
VMware » (inc Workstation and Fusion)    ELMS»Students, StaffWindows, MacUtility
VMWare Horizon Client »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
VS Code » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxProgramming
Wavesurfer »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, Audio
WinBUGS »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatistical
Window-Eyes » ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsAccessibilityMicrosoft Office Users
Windows Movie Maker »Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsAudio, Video
WinEDT » (LaTeX editor)     Vendor»Staff onlyWindowsScientific WPNamed List
WinSCP »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Winsteps »Apps»Students onlyWindowsStatisticalFASS
Witness Horizon »Apps»Students onlyWindowsModeling/SimulationConcurrent
Wordsmith » Vendor»Students onlyWindowsUtilityFASS Concurrent
Write 'n' Cite »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility
Xerte Online Toolkits »SaaS»ELearning»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxCollaborative
Zoom » (Client)    Apps»Students, StaffWindowsVideo
Zoom Hosting » Staff onlyWindows, Mac, Linux, Web, MobileCollaborative, Video
Zotero » (Standalone 64bit)    Apps»ELearning»Students, StaffWindowsProductivity
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Operating Systems

Apple Mac

Apple have given away macOs updates. Mac users can update from within the system.


The University is licensed for Windows on all University owned PCs. Individuals can get Windows updates from 'ELMS' (see above).

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