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Digital Skills Certificate

‌What is the Digital Skills Certificate?

Gaining the certificate provides formal recognition from ISS of your Digital Skills. It takes the form of an online badge which you can export to many services, such as LinkedIn. If you are a student, it will also be displayed on your HEAR transcript when you graduate. If you are a member of staff, it is logged in your Core MyHR Portal and can be used towards the Lancaster Professional Programme run by OED. You can find more information in the video, and further details below this.

Why complete it?

  • It's a great way for students to learn new skills for study;
  • It provides a platform for staff to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace;
  • It proves to potential employers that you have the digital know how to succeed in the modern workplace;
  • It develops your knowledge of a wide range of technologies, not just those things you are already comfortable with;
  • You can learn entirely online, at your own pace from anywhere.

How does it link with the Lancaster Award and Lancaster Professional Programme?

For each course students complete, you also gain five points that you can use towards the Careers & Employability section of your Lancaster Award (up to a maximum of 20 points).

For each course staff complete, you can use as a learning event in the Lancaster Professional Programme. 

How do I get it?

To gain the Digital Skills Certificate, you must pass at least one assessment from each of the five categories:

  • Communication, Collaboration and Participation;
  • Creation and Innovation;
  • Identity and Wellbeing;
  • Information, Data and Media;
  • Learning and Self Development.

In order for it to appear on your HEAR transcript, you must have completed your final category by no later than week 7 of your final term.

Please note it may take up to 48 hours for the Digital Skills Certificate completion to register in all systems, such as the Portal.

You can complete the courses and assessments entirely online, or you can attend training sessions and then sit the assessments online afterwards.

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