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Gas Cylinder Safety Training



On 27th June 2019 a group of our technical staff completed gas cylinder safety training, this involved what's new, a refresher on technical principles associated with the safe use of cylinders, and a practical session including the safe movement of gas bottles and connecting to a regulator safely.

Gas Safety Training

Higher Education Technician's Summit 2019


On 25th June, 7 technicians from the Faculty joined over 600 technical colleagues from across the UK Higher Education sector at the Higher Education Technical Summit (HETS), which was held at Birmingham University. 

Sustainable Labs Workshop

CryoUsers Conference 2019

On 27th - 29th August, Physics technicians - Martin Ward, Graham Chapman, Reece Grimshaw, and Phelton Stevenson attended the CryoUsers Conference at the University of St. Andrews. They attended talks on equipment, industrial projects and safety requirements and found it very informative.

IOSH Training

Our technical staff have recently completed the IOSH - Managing Safely 3 day course on 10th - 12th September 2019. 

The course was hosted by M|E|H Consultants

This course aims to improve health and safety awareness in the workplace.

Well done to Nas Aktar, John Crosse, Phelton Stephenson

Radiation Spillage Exercise

A group of our technicians, mainly from Engineering and LEC completed the Radiation Spillage Excercise on the 13th September 2019, the main aim for this was to test procedures that are in place to deal with a spillage of a radioactive substance, the excercise was completed successfully.

The training was given by Alan Deane and Sophie Hulley from the Safety Office.

Institute of Science and Technology Conference 2019 Birmingham

On 18th September 2019, a group of Technicians travelled to Birmingham for the annual IST conference. They attended workshops related to the technicians commitment research areas such as hydrogen fuel cell trains, how to love your pH electrode. They listened to the keynote speakers including Helen Sharman - the IST President's time in space and the importance of technicians in that journey.

Science Council Workshop

IET’s Particle Accelerator event

Nick Renninson (Engineering) presented at the IET’s Particle Accelerator event on Friday 27th September 2019. Nick spoke about the new advanced high accuracy CNC machining that he is using in the Engineering department. 

Well done Nick!

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Nick Renninson IET Event 27.09.19