Students in the Resource Centre

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is your space for making the most out of your studies while you are with us

The Resource Centre offers a bright, comfortable environment for catching up on some language exercises, reading the week’s foreign-language news, watching a film or TV programme, browsing our extensive selection of books, carrying out group work, photocopying, scanning, and logging on to one of the many language-learning sites. The Resource Centre is fully Wi-Fi compatible and there is an online catalogue where you can check all the books and DVDs available. You can also see the status of the DVDs before coming to the Centre to collect them. You can see information about induction and updates via the Resource Centre Moodle page. Just come on in, open a book or switch on the telly, and sit down for half an hour! You can also borrow our audio-visual material overnight.

The DeLC Resource Centre is located on the B-floor of County Main, and it is open Monday-Friday during term time only. It is closed on bank holidays.

What resources are available?

Just come on in, open a book or switch on the telly, and sit down for half an hour! You can also borrow our audio-visual material overnight.

Essentials shelves

Copies of key language-learning texts and audio-visual material for all DeLC modules are stored on the Essentials shelves, along with module boxes offering extra help and information sorted by your tutor for each module. These holdings are constantly updated.

General resources

A wide selection of further printed resources (dictionaries, grammar books, and other social, historical and cultural reference material useful for your portfolio and project research) is available for all of the languages studied in DeLC. These open-access resources complement the specialist literary and cultural holdings available in the University Library. You will need to go to the University Library for the texts listed on your culture course bibliographies - but you are very welcome to come and read them here, surrounded by all your friendly language-learning resources.

Online newspapers and magazines

Many of the world’s newspapers and magazines are available on the internet. Visit for links to the most popular ones.

If you are researching an essay topic or preparing to give a class presentation, you can carry out a simultaneous search of a range of different European newspapers using the Nexis database. Click on the Sources drop-down menu to select your language.

Why not also try reading foreign-language versions of English-language magazines that you read in your spare time? Some examples include:

Films and TV

We have a wide selection of films which can be watched in the Resource Centre or borrowed for a short period. You can also watch a variety of foreign TV channels.

Photocopying and scanning

A photocopier / scanner is available for students to use with their library card account.


The receptionist will be able to answer day-to-day queries about the Resource Centre. Specialist queries about the Centre’s holdings as well as any requests for changes or additions should be addressed to our Resource Centre Manager.