Polemical Austria

Date: 21 May 2010 Time: 09.30-17.00

Venue: Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies

My paper at this international workshop is entitled 'Performing and Protesting Austria in the Wake of the 1999 Elections'. The conference will explore how the concept of 'Austria' has evolved and been treated by Austrians. Speakers will contrast the way in which the state has presented itself, how it has been perceived by various social groups, how communists and socialists have used the term, and how the concept fits into the Catholic tradition.

Event website: http://igrs.sas.ac.uk/centres-societies/ingeborg-bachmann-research-centre/polemical-austria-conference.html


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Allyson Fiddler

Organising departments and research centres: European Languages and Cultures

Keywords: European identity, German language, culture and society, Identity politics, Regional identity