Attitudes towards English in Catalonia - DELC Research Seminar

Date: 5 March 2014 Time: 5.00-7.00 pm

Venue: Bowland North Seminar Room 22

Department of European Languages and Cultures

Research Seminar

Enric Llurda, Universitat de Lleida

All welcome

Catalan Society has experienced deep transformations affecting its language ecology in the last two decades. The first of thesehas beenthe worldwide phenomenon of globalization and the spread of English as a lingua franca, which have made the development of English language competence among students a top priority. The second has beenthe massive wave of immigration experienced in Catalonia since about the turn of the century, which has transformed a country that practically had no immigration to one with over 20% of the population having been born abroad. To these phenomena, we must add the specific characteristics of the Catalan context, in which two languages (i.e. Catalan and Spanish) coexist in competition for the main domains of language use, with the local language having a strength and vitality not found in other bilingual contexts in Europe.

This presentation will look at the attitudes expressed by Catalan people towards English. The talk will be based on a series of studies conducted among secondary school students, university students, and university staff members. The data for those studies mainly came from: (1) a questionnaire originally developed by Baker (1992) and subsequently used in slightly reformed versions in several other studies (Huguet & Llurda, 2001; Lasagabaster, 2003; among others); (2) an original questionnaire focusing on the recognition of English as a lingua franca; and (3) video-recorded focus-group discussions among university students and staff members looking at a degree of support to policies promoting the use of English at the university.


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