Research Talk: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera: Lessons from Chile: 40 Years On

Date: 19 February 2014 Time: 5:00pm

Venue: : Lancaster University, Campus In The City, Ashton Walk, St Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster (next to Costa Coffee and Number 12 on the attached map)

In my talk I will refer to the "two sources" of the Chilean Revolution in the 1970s, radical Enlightenment thought and the less-well known legacy of Mapuche and indigenous resistance rendered into what is now being called "Amerindian perspectivism", a perspective that blurs the boundaries between human history and the history of the non-human world including both machines but also nature. It will be argued that the latter is one of the most promising components of today's recovery and reinvention of the legacy of the radical politics of the 1970s, perhaps also the most relevant to our time of Climate Change and financial catastrophe.

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