30 November 2017

DeLC’s Lecturer in French Studies, Erika Fülöp has been awarded £7000 from the highly competitive flexible funding call in the AHRC’s Open World Research Initiative Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies (MEITS). The award is to help carry out a two-year research project entitledThe Creative Web of Languages’. Continuing her ongoing work on non-Anglophone digital cultures, Erika’s project will focus on the work of multilingual digital artists and authors who highlight how the Web allows for mixing languages, cultures, and forms in a much more fluid manner than traditional media do. Often perceived as the ultimate tool of homogenizing culture through dominant platforms such as Google and Facebook, the World Wide Web also offers a space for artistic creativity and self-expression rooted in specific linguistic and cultural heritages.

This project will study the web’s political and cultural potential to prevent uniformization and support multilingual and multicultural identities in dialogue with the artists. In addition to academic events, the programme will include creative and interactive workshops for students and the public, encouraging them to explore the role of languages on the web and to experiment with their own linguistic creativity using digital tools.

The series will begin with a workshop in March 2018 on Multilingual Digital Authorship, with the participation of multilingual translator, poet and digital artist Canan Marasligil – who will also be Translator in Residence at Lancaster University for a week as part of the project – and artist-theorists of digital literature Alexandra Saemmer and Serge Bouchardon.

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