13 February 2020
Prof. Rebecca Braun will be discussing the German artist G√ľnter Grass at an event held at the Richmix in London on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Dash Arts presents a Café exploring the world of German artist Günter Grass: novelist, poet, playwright, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor and the recipient of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature.

His work explored the impact of WW2 on the German people, with a deep concern for those marginalised in society. Through magic realism and satire, Grass questioned reality, challenged inequality and never shied away from provocation.

We’ll immerse ourselves in Grass’ writing, which includes The Tin Drum, discussing his controversial political leanings and their impact on his work and looking at the ongoing impact of his novels today.

Berliner Ensemble’s Artistic Director Oliver Reese and Kneehigh Theatre’s Co-Artistic Director Carl Grose, both of whom have recently directed productions of The Tin Drum, alongside Professor Rebecca Braun from Lancaster University to discuss Grass’ writing, legacy and more.

With support from Goethe-Institut London.

Text replicated from https://richmix.org.uk/events/europeans-gunter-grass/