Yves Hervouet Research Fund for Anglo-French Relations

Applications are invited for grants from the above fund, which was set up in 1993-94 from the estate of the late Yves Hervouet (1936-1985), author, amongst other studies, of The French Face of Joseph Conrad, who was a member of staff in the Department of European Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University from 1974 to his death.

The Fund supports research and research-related activities on Anglo-French topics, particularly those which reach a public beyond the academic community. Grants made are normally in the £100 to £1000 range, although larger requests can be considered, and references are taken up on all applications.

Support is primarily for post-doctoral research, but, in exceptional circumstances, might be given to a student about to complete a Ph.D. on a relevant topic.

Preference will be given to:

  • genuine Anglo-French or Franco-British topics
  • activities which reach a public beyond the academic community
  • initiatives requiring seed-corn funding

Awards will normally be expected to match or top-up existing funds or to underwrite an activity.

Appropriate allocation of funds might be towards:

  • fees
  • travel grant for a Fellow coming normally from France or the UK to Lancaster (but not for accompanying persons)
  • cost of research materials and facilities to support the work of a Fellow
  • dissemination of a Fellow's research outcome
  • the bringing of French scholars to Lancaster (even if their topic is not specifically Anglo-French relations)

Projects that have been successful in applying for funds in recent years are as follows:

  • 'Minorités en vue', a one-day colloquium on the theme of the visibility of minorities in modern France, held at Lancaster House Hotel in May 2011
  • Une Amitié bretonne: Lettres d'Emile Souvestre à Edouard Turquety 1826-52: contribution towards the costs of publication by Presses Universitaires de Rennes in 2011
  • 'Ecriture et Literacy': contribution towards the costs of publication of Paris conference proceedings on French and English approaches to literacy, Continuum Books, 2010
  • Bursary for an EU placement to a student enrolled on the MA in European Institutions and Policy-Making in 2008-09
  • 'Journeys of a Lifetime': contribution to the costs of an exhibition catalogue, Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, 2008
  • Writers in Conflict in 16th Century France: contribution towards the costs of a volume of essays in honour of Malcolm Quainton, Durham Modern Languages Series, 2008
  • Mazurka Seminar: a presentation by Eric Theze at Lancaster, May 2006

Applications, in the form of a letter in the first instance, should be made to: Marion McClintock, University Library, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4HW, or e-mail m.mcclintock@lancaster.ac.uk.