World Writers & Filmmakers

Günter Grass

Germany’s foremost Nobel laureate, as controversial for his public opinions as for his literary writing

Michel Houellebecq

A contemporary French writer who has been translated into more than 30 languages and whose work depict the ills of contemporary consumer society and globalization. 

Elfriede Jelinek

A thorn in Austria's side, this Nobel laureate is a fierce and witty political commentator, keeping a keen watch in extreme right-wing politics, in particular.

Amélie Nothomb

The best known, most prolific and most read Francophone Belgian novelist obsessed with Japan and writing.

Marcel Proust

Author of the colossal In Search of Lost Time, considered the last novel of the 19th century and the first one of the 20th.

Juan Rulfo

Rulfo was one of Mexico’s most internationally respected and celebrated fiction writers; his photography has now travelled worldwide to equally great critical acclaim.

Williams Sassine

An influential Francophone Guinean novelist, playwright and journalist, whose body of work defies convention and is characterised by a specifically Sassinian mode of thought and writing.

Ha Jin

A self-styled ‘migrant writer’ and ‘outcast’, China-born US-based Ha Jin writes award-winning English-language fiction and poetry that destabilises linguistic, cultural and national identities.  

Derek Hird