Social Change

Poetics of Resistance

'Poetics of Resistance' explores how narratives, in the broadest sense, are used to social effect in a wide variety of cultural contexts. Our work is defined by a desire to reconceptualise power hierarchies by working closely with a broad range of social actors. In so doing, we model new ways for oppressed voices to be heard and for urban spaces and places to be opened up to aesthetic innovation with the potential for political change.

Creative Futures

The projects and partnerships in this research theme are designed to innovate specific practices in specific places, as part of a wider vision of enabling better futures for more people. This entails creating new pathways between how we analyse culture as a collective phenomenon and how we seek to bring about actual social change based on individuals’ lived experience and taking account of our own socio-political location. This may take the form of finding new, multidisciplinary ways of unpicking exactly how creative work can be socially useful, or it might involve developing new forms of creative practice that speak in distinct ways to different audiences in diverse geopolitical contexts.


In the last decade, close to 200 killings and more than 500 attacks on people with albinism have been reported in 27 sub-Saharan African countries. Researchers play an important role in better understanding the genetic, biological and socio-cultural realities of the condition. Research within DeLC continues to open up new perspectives on albinism and the exchange of knowledge with colleagues in Africa is an important part of that work.