World Literature

Practices and Performances

Our individual research in this area includes work on the concept of ‘world authorship’ and the global socio-aesthetic phenomenon of spoken-word poetry, which illuminates more broadly the ways in which not only texts, but also authors navigate complex transnational literary systems, the strategies developed in order to do this productively, and the factors in play that mean that cultural/ economic/ linguistic or geographical specificities may restrict access to those systems.

Francophone Postcolonial Studies

The department’s work oncolonial / postcolonial studies in the French-speaking world focuses on Francophone African literature, but also includes the literature of Quebec and the French Caribbean.

Charlotte Baker

Multilingual Creativities

Multilingual Creativities brings together a group of researchers from Lancaster, the UK and beyond who analyse the artistic, linguistic and literary forms of creativities attached to multilingualism and translation. This research cluster has grown from the Multilingual French Identities project set up by Charlotte Baker and Delphine Grass in 2013.

Charlotte Baker
Delphine Grass

Transnational Masculinities

Individual research projects in this area highlight how transnational perspectives can elucidate analyses and discussions of forms of masculinity in literature, film and other cultural representations across both Europe, China and the Americas.