Past Events

Each academic year DeLC organises a range of events aimed specifically at language students in conjunction with the Lancaster University Careers Service.

Over the past few years former graduates have been coming back to DeLC to enthuse and inspire current undergraduates with their success stories, highlighting how a degree in languages leads to jobs in a variety of fields (beyond the well-known paths of teaching or translating). To learn more about the Careers with Languages Event 2014-15, please click on the video on the side, and you can find some photos and quotes from our most recent event in 2019 here.

Other regular events include:

  • a talk about work opportunities in the European Union, delivered by a EU officer
  • a round table with local employers, explaining why they value language graduates and what they are looking for in them, followed by a Q&A sessions and networking
  • CV writing skills for language students
  • a student showcase on internships and placement opportunities (joint event with other departments) at which students talk about their experience of doing placements and internships and what they have gained