What Will You Study

Taught by the Department of Languages and Cultures, our approach enables you to acquire high-level language skills and a thorough understanding of French and German cultures and societies within a global context.

You’ll begin your degree with German and Spanish courses which both have a language-specific cultural component. You will also study a minor subject that complements your degree, which may be another language.

Building on your language skills in Year 2, you will also study the culture, politics and history of Germany and Spain in more depth, as well as selecting courses which are international in scope and promote a comparative understanding of Europe and beyond.

Spending your third year abroad in a German-speaking country gives you the opportunity to develop your language proficiency while deepening your intercultural sensitivity. You can study at a partner institution or conduct a work placement. As a joint major student, you can spend your time in a German- or Spanish-speaking country, or split the year between the two.

In your fourth year, you will continue developing your core German and Spanish language skills. You will combine this with language-specific modules such as ‘Literature and Fame in Contemporary Germany’. You may also choose some comparative culture courses, such as ‘Mirrors across Media: Reflexivity in Literature, Film, Comics and Video Games’