What Will You Study

There is a seismic change in the world of multinational companies. This makes it an exciting time to be exploring international business.

The Management School and the Department of Languages and Cultures jointly run this four-year degree course. It offers the chance to study French alongside management studies and brings all of the associated benefits of language studies with it - such as gaining an international perspective on management practices, enhancing your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, improved communication skills, and a boost to your employability.

You will need an A level in French or be of a similar standard. In your first year, you will study the French language and culture at an advanced level. Alongside this, you will choose from either Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Management and Organisations or Marketing.

In the second year, you can select what to study, with choices ranging from Advertising to Understanding Culture, Franchising to Society on Screen. You will improve how you communicate in French, whilst broadening your knowledge about French-speaking society, politics and contemporary issues.

During your third year abroad, you can choose to either studying Management at a partner university or on a work placement. This will give you an international perspective as well as boosting your language skills.

In your final year, you can select options covering subjects such as brand strategy, foreign literature and film, business models, translation and strategic management. By graduation, you should have an excellent understanding of the French-speaking world. You should also be able to communicate close to the level of a native speaker.

This degree equips you with the skills to deal with the cultural complexities of management in local and international contexts. Your substantial international experience and language skills will give you a strong edge in the jobs market. Past graduates have secured roles in international business, government departments and well-known corporations.