What Will You Study

Lancaster’s MLang degree is a selective and accelerated programme enabling you to achieve an MA in one or two languages and related studies in four years. It is taught by the Department of Languages and Cultures and includes an international study placement in year 2.

In Year 1, you will study core language modules which aim to strengthen your reading, writing and speaking ability. You will have the opportunity to engage with advanced grammar and develop key translation and composition skills. This is complemented by language-specific modules, introducing you to your language’s political, historical and cultural context. You will also choose a minor subject, which may be an additional language.

You will spend your second year abroad at a partner institution. This makes a major contribution to your command of the language while deepening your intercultural sensitivity. If you are studying two languages, you will split the year between the two countries.

Back at Lancaster in your third year, you will consolidate your language skills, alongside specialist culture and comparative courses, such as ‘French Culture in the Digital Age’ and ‘Translation as a Cultural Practice’. You will also write a specialist topic dissertation.

In your final year you will study at postgraduate level, taking the core module ‘Research Skills for Modern Linguists’, and an optional module, such as ‘Reading Theoretically’. You will also write your Master’s dissertation, supervised by an academic with expertise in the relevant field.