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We are one of the best-established centres in the UK for Italian.

Italian can be taken as a minor with French, Spanish and German or a range of non-language subjects. In order to take the Italian minor, you must do Italian as one of your three subjects in the 1st year.

We can cater for students with GCSE Italian and for complete beginners but please note that we do not offer advanced - post A/AS level - Italian.

First year

In the first year, you can take Italian, as one of your 3 subjects. The course provides an intensive introduction to the Italian language and is designed to equip you grammatically and linguistically for further study of Italian. Topics relating to Italian culture are integrated within the language seminars.

Second and final year

Option 1: You can take 2 second-year half units.

Option 2: You can take 2 second-year language half units, followed by 2 final-year language half units.