Extracurricular Dutch Classes in DeLC

DeLC are pleased to offer extracurricular language courses which are open to Part II and Postgraduate students as well as staff and members of the public wishing to continue their language studies or start a new language.


Dutch for Beginners


Dutch for Beginners (A1)


1.5 hours a week for 16 weeks (24 hours in total)



Course Aims and Objectives

The course will introduce the linguistic structures of the chosen language aiming at achieving the level A1 of the Common European Framework. They are delivered in the target language, with a view to immerse the students as much as possible in their language of study (oral situations, role plays, etc.).

This includes basic life situations, such as:

  • making and understanding introductions
  • asking for, giving and understanding personal information
  • buying food and drink, shopping
  • asking for and understanding directions
  • making travel arrangements
  • taking about past and future events using basic structures

Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions available here: Terms and Conditions