Joint majors in three languages

Study three languages chosen from Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

We normally require you to have one A Level and either one A level or an AS Level in two of our major languages (French, German and Spanish). The third language can be studied from beginners' or post-GCSE level if you wish. Please note Chinese and Italian can only be taken as beginners' languages, and as minors.

If you are studying French, German and Spanish, you may choose to drop one of the three languages at the end of the second year. If you are taking Italian or Chinese as one of your three languages, you will do a 2-unit minor through the three years of Lancaster-based study.

The programme of study is:

First-year modules

Second-year modules

Two routes:

  • Option 1: 3 European languages
  • Option 2: European languages + Chinese or Italian

Third-year module (compulsory)

The International Placement Year is normally split between two European countries. Students continuing with three languages into the final year will be supported to make arrangements to spend vacation time in the third country.

Final-year modules

Either Language intensive route

Or Culture intensive route

Or Italian/Chinese languages route