Language degrees with Chinese

You can study for a single major degree in French, German or Spanish with Chinese

You can choose from the following programmes:

First-year modules

Second-year modules

Two routes:

  • Option 1: For students who took CHIN100 (Intensive Chinese) in the first year:
  • Option 2: For students who took CHIN101 (Advanced Chinese) in the first year:

Third-year module (compulsory)

  • Year Abroad project(s) and university marks if applicable (in French, German or Spanish)

    30 credits

Final-year modules

Two routes:

  • Option 1 for students who took CHIN100 in the first year and CHIN200 and CHIN201 in the second year:

Final-year modules

  • Option 2: for students who took CHIN101 in the first year and CHIN300 and DELC330 in the second year: