CHIN 100 - Part 1 Chinese Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

Year 1

CHIN100: Part I Chinese Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

Would you like to be able to communicate using Mandarin Chinese? Do you want to acquire key elements to become an expert of Chinese culture, society and institutions? We focus on teaching absolute beginners how to speak, listen and read so you can confidently use day-to-day Chinese. You’ll also be given the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, history and contemporary society.

Learning a language so radically different from English offers an incredible insight into linguistics in action. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore Chinese culture and gain experience in Chinese ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

You will have the opportunity to learn:

        • Chinese phonetics including pronunciation and intonation
        • The basics of Chinese grammar and key sentence structures
        • Academic insights into the uniqueness of Chinese as a world language
        • Expertise in listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin
        • Insights about the graphical element of writing, such as the significance of types of strokes, radicals and their ancestral meaning.
        • Elements of Chinese culture, philosophy, economy, institutions and contemporary challenges

“Being a management student, I believe that having a knowledge of Mandarin will be very useful in dealing with the international business world.” Sofia Guimaraes, BBA Management

To explore Chinese culture, you are given the chance to examine how key moments in Chinese history have shaped contemporary Chinese culture, we will look at examples including films, plays, and novels.

Beginner modules usually have four classes per week.