DELC334: Academic Writing as a Second Language

Year 4

DELC334: Academic writing in a second language

DELC334 is an independent study module that distinctively combines cultural and advanced linguistic components. In fact, students need to confront the challenge of writing an academic essay in a foreign language. At the same time, they creatively engage with the fundamental issue of intercultural communication (or cultural specificity) and language relativity in context.

Students will attend an introductory lecture in which the course convenor introduces the aims of the module and presents the resources to be used together with the formal and qualitative requirements for the composition of the essay in the target language. Students will be entitled to 2 supervisory meetings of 30 minutes each with the DELC member of staff who will be marking their essay in the target language (i.e. Chinese, French, German and Spanish), one during the 4th and the one during the 8th week of the course. In both meetings they will receive feedback about their writing and will benefit from ad-hoc suggestions about the subsequent stage of their compositions.