DELC351: Literature and Fame in Contemporary Germany

Final year, optional

In this module you will be given the opportunity to l discover what it is like to be a famous author in today’s modern, media-driven Germany.

The module examines the cultural and political expectations placed on high-profile German authors from the 1960s onwards. You will analyse sources ranging from press cuttings to internet articles. The module also considers the different strategies developed by well-known authors for responding to this interest in both their private personae and their public function.

Discussion will focus on the different self-presentation strategies the authors have developed: in the spheres of the media and in their writing. The module examines relevant theories of media and literary communication and develops a methodological framework to underpin our critical analysis of the authors and their work.

This module is taught in English, but most texts are only available in German, so a working knowledge of the language is required.