DELC352: Images of Austria: National Identity and Cultural Representation

Final year, optional

This module examines Austrian national identity as manifested and debated in cultural representation. Is Austrian national identity really best understood by listening to Mozart, watching The Sound of Music, or holidaying in the Alps?

You will analyse ways in which texts and cultural phenomena present, promote, or criticise accepted notions of post-war Austrian identity.

A range of sources will be used for this module, such as film, drama, novels, cabaret, essays and journalistic pieces, as well as tourist information, websites, and the linguistic specificities of Austrian German. The module aims at providing understanding of the ‘flashpoints' in the history of the Second Republic, spanning its baptism as the ‘first victim of Hitlerite aggression' in 1943 to its international pariah status, following the 2000 coalition government with an extreme right political party.

This module is taught in English, but most texts are only available in German, so a working knowledge of the language is required.