Year 1 language modules

All our Part I courses have a language component and a language in context component which considers how key moments in history have shaped contemporary society through the study of film, plays, novels and other types of text. The culture programmes consist of a combination of lectures and seminars over 20 weeks.

Advanced Language Modules: Chinese, French, German, Spanish

  • CHIN101: Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
  • FREN101: Part I French Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
  • GERM101: Part I German Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)
  • SPAN101: Part I Spanish Studies (Advanced/CEFR: B1)

These courses are for students who have at least a B at 'A' level or an A at 'A/S' level (or equivalent). The 101 (post-A level) courses will give you the opportunity to undertake a range of practices. These will consolidate your competence at 'A' or 'A/S' levels, enabling you to progress to at least proficiency level B2 of the Common European Framework. Their aim is to qualify you for advanced degree-level language study. There are 3 language classes per week.

Intensive Language Modules: Chinese, French, German, Spanish

  • CHIN100: Part I Chinese Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)
  • FREN100: Part I French Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)
  • GERM100: Part I German Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)
  • SPAN100: Part I Spanish Studies (Beginners to CEFR: A2)

These courses are for students who wish to study a language as a beginner or post-GCSE. For beginners no prior language learning is needed. The language component of the 100 courses is an intensive course of study with the aim that students reach A/S level standard (or A2/B1 in the Common European Framework) by the end of the year. There are 4 language classes per week.

Intensive Italian Language

  • ITAL100: Intensive Italian language

This course provides an intensive introduction to the Italian language and is designed to equip you grammatically and linguistically for further study of Italian. Topics relating to Italian in context are integrated within the language seminars.