Year 2 comparative culture modules

Whatever you study with us, your course will be international in scope. Our researchers specialise in a wide range of topics on the cultures and languages of Germany, France and the French-speaking world, Italy, Spain, and South America, as well as on the relationship between Europe and the wider world.

We believe that in today's world the language, culture and history of the countries of Europe are best understood in a global and comparative perspective.

All students, whatever their degree scheme, can choose from a broad range of cultural, historical, and political courses that promote a comparative understanding. You will study a topic across a number of countries by choosing from the following courses:

  • DELC211: Understanding Culture
  • DELC212: Society on Screen: The Language of Film
  • DELC213: Cross-cultural Encounters in World Literatures
  • DELC214: Economic and Social Change in France, Germany and Spain since 1945
  • DELC215: Language and Identity in France, Germany and Spain
  • DELC216: Professional Contexts for Modern Languages

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